Security and Access Management

Our Initiatives

Upgrading the UtahID login

With the growing number of cyber threats, it is imperative that DTS continue to ensure that state employees and contractors accessing over 1,600 state applications have a safe and secure way of accessing applications with sensitive employee and citizen data. Our goal is to implement best practices for identity and access management, minimize security and operational risk, and be able to quickly and effectively adapt to changing regulatory, legislative, and customer requirements.

New Identity and Access Management System

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a collection of processes and information systems focused on uniquely and positively identifying individual users. It also manages access to other information systems.

Overall, Utah’s single sign-on solution now supports over 30 million logins a month with integration to over 1,600 different systems both on-premise and in various cloud services, with expected growth in the future. The State of Utah continues to identify innovative ways to ensure our customers have the right access while delivering a good customer experience.

Information technology security and access management