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Implementation of Strategic Privacy Plan

The Utah Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) is advancing the State of Utah Strategic Privacy Plan, a pivotal framework crafted under Governor Cox's Executive Order 2023-06. This comprehensive initiative underscores the CPO's commitment to safeguarding privacy in the digital age and aligns with the state's broader vision for responsible data governance. As the custodian of privacy interests, the CPO's dedicated efforts are geared towards fostering transparency, accountability, and innovation while ensuring the protection of individual privacy rights. Implementation of the plan is being done in partnership with multiple stakeholders via the state privacy committee, including state agencies, the state archivist, CIO, and CISO.

Privacy Vision

Our vision is to create an environment where privacy is not merely a legal requirement but an integral aspect of our governance, instilling confidence in the citizens we serve. By championing privacy, we aim to honor the legacy of those who sought solace in our state, ensuring that Utah remains a haven where individuals can thrive with the assurance that their personal information is handled with the utmost care and respect. Utah's commitment to privacy is a commitment to the values of our pioneers — a dedication to preserving the sanctuary of personal space and fostering a relationship between the government and its people that is built on trust, transparency, and the enduring principles that have defined our great state throughout history.

We envision a future where trust in the government is increased by empowering individual citizens to hold the government accountable for the privacy of their personal information. Long-term technology focused
privacy goals include providing each resident with accurate reports that detail:

  • where their personal and financial information is being used across all government services;
  • how their personal information is being used;
  • whom their personal information has been shared with;
  • when their personal information will be destroyed;
  • providing a standardized data collection and forms framework that facilitates automated compliance with GRAMA for state agencies; and,
  • providing automated notification mechanisms to citizens so they are aware of privacy breaches that affect them and can easily access appropriate help resources, such as identity and financial theft protection.
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