Customer Experience

Our Initiatives

Turning citizens’ voices into state-wide service upgrades

As state government employees, we want to provide a first class customer experience for those we serve. To do this, we are working to create a “no wrong door” infrastructure so that customers can easily provide feedback. We are also working to develop a state government culture that continuously improves and keeps Utah government services responsive to customer needs.

Our Work

Bolster agency projects
Work side-by-side with agencies to help them ensure their big projects are launched with great customer experiences from the start.

Collaborate across agencies
Foster collaboration to ensure our organizational siloes don’t translate into incoherent customer experiences.

Improve our listening habit
Over the first year of the program, we established a cohesive listening program in Qualtrics. Going forward, we want to create shared best-practices for collecting feedback and turning it into change.

Cultivate community
We run a community of people who are pushing together toward better customer service in their respective agencies

Working in the open
When we collaborate with an agency, we make sure to share our work, and our learning to the rest of our community. This allows people across the state to learn from our work and replicate our practices.

Illustration of workers providing good customer service