Strategic Plan

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An innovative and reliable strategic partner for state agencies

The plan provides strategic goals about how DTS will continue to be a valuable, secure, responsive, and innovative IT partner with state agencies. It also provides guidance to the state’s technology community regarding where DTS will focus its efforts in the upcoming years. The plan presents technology trends that DTS leaders have identified as relevant and describes how these trends will affect the direction for IT management throughout the state. In addition, the strategic plan will help government leaders evaluate and prioritize the technology innovations that could enable them to achieve their business and service delivery objectives.

Streamline and Modernize State Government

We will work on several initiatives to streamline and modernize IT systems throughout the state.

  • Enhance and Streamline Application Portfolio Management
  • Improve the Digital Delivery of Government Services with the Citizen Portal and Data Privacy
  • Modernize and Upgrade Critical Health and Human Services Systems and Infrastructure
  • Identify and Explore Emerging and Innovative Technologies

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Enhance Security, Privacy, and Compliance

We will protect sensitive data through robust security and privacy programs. The State of Utah’s IT infrastructure is tightly woven into all state business functions and is an integral part of daily tasks. Security is a top priority of DTS. We will promote a culture and technologies that instill trust and support regulatory compliance.

Foster a Culture of Planning

We will continue to foster strategic partnerships with agencies to provide value and technology solutions that meet each agency’s unique needs. We have established a governance structure to evaluate business needs, priorities, and areas where technology can provide value and enhance services to citizens. Our goal is to create a results-oriented product environment that helps us ensure that agencies have a solid foundation for project initiation, competent staff, and greater involvement of project sponsors.

Promote Equity and Opportunity in the Workplace

Employees are our most valuable asset. We will increase efforts to ensure and encourage employee success. We will foster a collaborative environment and adopt practices to encourage employee development. We will also facilitate a work-from-anywhere environment and leverage technology to make it easier for employees to do their job.

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