Human Capital Management and Payroll System

Our Initiatives

We are upgrading the HCM and Payroll systems

We are undertaking a business transformation of the state’s payroll and HR systems that will span the next couple of years and result in the replacement of the current payroll, HR, and other supporting systems.

Updating and modernizing the state’s Payroll and HR systems is a key goal for the State of Utah and supports the Governor’s strategic goal of Streamlining and Modernizing State Government. A modern system will enable the vision to implement a pay for performance plan within the state government. Agencies will be able to invest in employees through an upgraded learning management system, providing additional training opportunities and enhanced learning paths. The onboarding process for new employees will be simplified through an integrated, iterative, step-by-step process for everything from procuring a computer to security access, allowing new employees to start working quickly on day one. The state’s enterprise systems are the backbone of transaction processing and data collection. It is critical that these systems are up to date and are optimizing resources to better position Utah now and into the future. The new system will:

  • Simplify and streamline processes by assessing our operations to align with industry best practices
  • Establish an accurate, dependable, and timely reporting environment by creating a centralized data set for all HCM and Payroll metrics
  • Minimize administrative overhead for managers and employees by enabling self service features that are available to everyone
  • Improve effectiveness by identifying individual agency needs and creating workflows, reports, and metrics within the solution to reduce the dependency on secondary applications and processes
  • Increase accessibility for employees by supporting multiple browsers and device types, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC’s
  • Enhance productivity by reducing the number of systems managers and employees have to use

Illustration of large letters HR, human resource professionals