Citizen Portal

Our Initiatives

Utah’s one-stop customer centric experience for government services

DTS will implement the next generation Utah citizen portal with a customer-centric delivery of digital government services. Utah residents, businesses, and visitors will have the ability to access a large variety of state services seamlessly through a single location and login.


Customer Service: Improve customer service and experience by reducing the need to go to a government agency in person, standardize navigation on web pages, and having information available in a central location.

Access: Ensure individuals have easy access to electronic information that they need.

Security: Improve security by updating the web software to a content management system.

Efficiency: Reduce agency costs for different development solutions as they will be able to utilize the Identity Access Management System, Content Management System, and Enterprise Data Integration solutions.

Standardization: Provide standardization to adhere to recognized standards, policies, and best practices.

Transparency: Increase transparency in data exchange.

Illustration of people interacting with a website portal


  • A single login with secure multi-factor authentication
  • A unique ID and way to verify identity
  • A single web page for an individual to do a number of different functions
  • Decreases the need to go in person into an office
  • Unified mobile friendly experience with accessibility, consistent navigation, security

Secure and Efficient

The portal will be a website that will only store information to facilitate communication and the linkages to state agency services. The current agency systems will verify the identity and continue to provide the agency service. The portal will store minimal agency information to facilitate information exchanges.