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Storage Products

Enterprise Hosting

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) provides all State entities with hosting services, including compute, storage, databases, authentication and authorization, monitoring, 24/7 support, firewall, backup and restore, wide area network, security, and load balancing. DTS offers multiple options for infrastructure/computing hosting environments.

Hosting (Dedicated Server [for non-exec])

Dedicated servers are only available with prior approval from COO.

Hosting (Shared App Server)

Hosting (Storage)

Hosting (Virtual Server)

Server Administration Dedicated Hosting Services

The Division of Technology Services (DTS), Hosting Services product involves the management of servers, storage, and backup/restore services for executive branch agencies within the State of Utah. It includes installation, deployment, maintenance and support of the operating system (OS), web server, and application server software.

Storage (SAN)

SAN Storage provides reliable storage on a Storage Area Network (SAN) device external to the server where the application resides. 

Virtual Applications Hosting (RDSH Server)

Virtual Applications Hosting (VAPPS) provides a hosting environment to virtualize and securely deliver applications to end user devices. Customers are assigned development, test, and production Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) servers within a dedicated pool. Pools are configured redundantly to facilitate high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) requirements. The operating system and server resources are licensed and maintained by the Division of Technology Services (DTS).