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Voice Mail

Voice Messaging Services (VM) is a centralized system that allows audio messages to be recorded, stored, retrieved, and forwarded by telephone users. Voice mail is primarily used to answer calls when the user is not available, on another call, or does not wish to be disturbed.

Depending on the size of the services provided (a Private Branch eXchange (PBX) or key system) and location, the customer will be provided with the appropriate messaging system.  

Product Features and Descriptions

Voice Messaging Services

Some or all of these features are available depending on the services provided:

  • Call Answering
  • Record Messages
  • Record Personal Greetings
  • Send Messages (Directly or Scheduled)
  • Address Messages
  • Receive Messages
  • Forward Messages
  • Respond to Messages
  • Delete Messages
  • Store Messages
  • Check Out Going Messages
  • Create Mail List
  • Quick Scan Messages
  • Message Notification
  • Personal Directories
  • Edit Options
  • Personal Reminders
  • Secure Messaging

Mailbox Size

Voice mail subscribers are allocated 20 minutes of storage for recorded messages; each additional allocation of mailbox storage (20 minutes) will require an additional voice mail rate.

Grade of Service

Grade of Service (GOS) guarantee is P.05. This means that only five percent of calls attempted receive a busy signal during the busiest hour of the busiest day. Telephone systems are engineered for an agency’s peak busy hour.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging is the integration of different communication sources (e-mail and voicemail) into a single, or, unified ‘message store’, accessible from a variety of different devices.

This service may or may not be available to customers at all state supported locations.

UPS Power Backup

PBX and keys systems are supported by an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for a minimum of 15 minutes in the event of a power failure.

Repair and Maintenance

24×7 repair service. DTS retains vendor and DTS service technicians to perform installation and repairs.

Features Not Included

Additional Services

DTS offers a variety of optional calling services through the service provider for an additional charge. For information regarding these services please contact the agency assigned Voice Solution Engineer or the DTS Help Desk at 801-538-3440.

Ordering and Provisioning

All telephone service requests must be in writing. Please contact your DTS Voice Solution Engineer or send your request via the DTS on-line order form.

DTS Responsibilities

Determine the appropriate voicemail system for each location supported by DTS.

Monitor all systems and replace or upgrade as necessary.

Agency Responsibilities

Contact the assigned DTS Voice Solution Engineer to plan telephone needs or call 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.

For agencies requesting voice mail and/or auto attendant services in locations where the user count (rate payers) does not recover the costs of such services, the requesting agency must pay a one-time charge and/or a monthly fee (Special Billing Agreement) for the necessary installation of services. Under this premise, the agency is responsible for system costs, including installation, hardware, software, and required upgrades. The $3.00 per month user rate applies.

Please review billing of services monthly to ensure accuracy. Discrepancies should be discussed with DTS Accounting within the fiscal year in order for adjustments to be approved and processed.

Notify DTS Customer Support Center of any technical incidents by calling 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.

Contact DTS to plan telephone needs by contacting the agency assigned DTS Voice Solution Engineer or by calling 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.

Although Voice Messaging Systems include standard features, not all systems installed by DTS will include the same features. For questions regarding your voice mail system, contact your DTS Voice Solution Engineer or contact the DTS Help Desk by calling 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.