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TURN High Precision GPS Network (TURNGPS)

TURN GPS is a network of survey grade GPS receivers permanently located across Utah. The network consists of a partnership of cities, counties and state agencies that contribute equipment and facilities, plus a central solution server maintained by the State’s Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC). Analysis and communication of the data sent from over 60 base stations across Utah to the central server allows for filtering of atmospheric distortion to the GPS signals, as they are relayed from orbiting satellites to the end user. All of this happens in real time. The result is a much higher level of precision for GPS receivers in the field.

Users of the network include professional surveyors and field mapping technicians in many different sectors. TURN GPS improves the efficiency of many field-based activities as it allows for vast improvement of surveying efficiency (eliminating the need to establish local base control), the operation of grading equipment without continual re-staking, and the control of tractors and other implements for precision agriculture.

Product Features and Descriptions

Real Time Positioning

TURNGPS enables high-accuracy position measurement anywhere that a mobile internet data service is available (see maps by provider)

It maximizes the performance from a network of reference stations and eliminates the need to set up temporary field base stations for each individual project or post processing data, saving you time and money.

Email Notifications of station outages

Notifications of station outages are communicated through email from or and also on the website located at

Features Not Included

Field Equipment, Data Connection & Support

Field equipment and support should be sought from the equipment manufacturer rather than from AGRC. A third party mobile phone and data plan are also required.

Ordering and Provisioning

Registration is available on the web at:

DTS Responsibilities

State Code Requirements for TURNGPS, see UCA 63-F-509

Agency Responsibilities

Users require a survey or mapping grade GPS device capable of connecting to the Internet via tethered mobile phone and authentication via NTRIP protocol.

Users are required to register online at in order to get server address information and to create a user profile including user name and password.

Users should have knowledge of how to configure their hardware to consume GPS services from The Utah Reference Network. This information should come from the user’s GPS hardware vendor.