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Storage Disk space
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Storage (SAN)

SAN Storage provides reliable storage on a Storage Area Network (SAN) device external to the server where the application resides. Redundancy is built into the SAN to provide protection for the data from equipment failure. Storage is provided to agencies on a Logical Unit Number (LUN) basis. With the assistance of the storage administrator and system administrators, the customer specifies the number and the size of each LUN.  LUNs can be configured in the following sizes: 50GB, 100GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB. Connectivity to this storage is provided through high-speed Fibre Channel networks via host bus adapters (HBA) and is suitable for mission critical applications. All servers must be connected to the SAN with 2 Fiber Channel ports following different paths configured for fault tolerant redundancy.

For applications requiring the data to be encrypted at rest, DTS offers a service and rate for encrypting data.

Product Features and Descriptions


High I/O Capability

Up to 8GB per second with full duplex per port.

Data Safety

Redundant, fault-tolerant hardware and RAID protection provide high availability for high-profile applications.

Flexible Support

Support for a wide array of operating systems and hardware platforms, i.e., Sun/Solaris, IBM/AIX, HP/UX, MS Windows, Linux, Netware and VMware virtualized systems.

Physically Safe and Secure Environment

A secure, climate-controlled environment.


24x7x365 monitoring.

Reliable power

Reliable uninterruptible power with UPS, battery, and generator backup.

Disk Drives

SSD, Fiber Channel, SAS and SATA hard drives.

High Availability

Dual path connectivity for high availability access to data stored on SAN.

Storage Management

Trained, professional storage administrators.

Encrypted Data

Data can be encrypted at rest.  This feature is billed out at a different rate than the typical SAN storage rate and is an additional service.

Features Not Included

Backup and Restore Services

Backup and restore services are recommended, but are sold separately (see Backup, Archive and Restore Services).

Data Encryption

Data Encryption services are recommended and may be mandatory, but are sold separately (see Data Encryption At Rest for additional details and charges).

Ordering and Provisioning

Use the order buttons on the right. If you have questions contact the DTS Service Desk.

DTS/DET Responsibilities

All storage hardware is maintained by DTS with full support by the hardware vendor.

DTS provides 24×7 monitoring of the storage environment.

DTS/Agency Responsibilities

The purchase of Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) and Network Interface Cards (NIC), for servers to attach to the storage array, is the customer’s responsibility. Before purchasing the interface devices, check with DTS to ensure compatibility.  Dual HBA connectivity is required and the Agency will be required to provide a copy of appropriate multi-path software.