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Oracle Database Hosting Shared Model

Datacenter Hosting Charges are included in base rated for shared Oracle.

FY 24 Rate: $11.07 per GB/month

Oracle Database Hosting Core Model

(min. 2 Cores) DB Size is not used as a billing metric for this Product Offering.

FY 23 Rate: $961.38 per core/month

Customer pays Datacenter Hosting Charges for Storage, Backup, Sys Admin Support, etc.

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Oracle Shared and Dedicated Hosting (Linux)

Oracle Shared Hosting (Linux) product is available to all State of Utah agencies, legislative and judicial branch agencies, and local government agencies.

DTS provides shared Oracle Enterprise environments (production, development, and acceptance test) on a Linux platform in the Salt Lake Data Center. State agencies access Oracle data using the well known Structured Query Language (SQL) via applications and other standard interfaces. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) as well as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is available.

Oracle “Shared” Hosting (Linux) is most economical for small databases that do not require special handling. Multiple environments (Production, Test, and Development) can usually be created the same day the request is received.

Oracle “Dedicated” Hosting (Linux) is the best choice for large database environments. Special needs like Replication, Hot backups, Data recovery to the last minute, (RAC) Clustering, and special logging requirements.

Product Features and Descriptions

DTS manages the Oracle environment by performing these services

  • Software version upgrades as well as preventative software maintenance of the Oracle environment including Security Patch Maintenance schedule.
  • Data placement, backup/recovery, and performance tuning of the Oracle environment, including data replication, and tuning recommendations.
  • Fully standard layout and naming conventions of database environment
  • 7×24 on call support for emergencies of the Oracle environment.
  • Business day support of user requests for data loads, table and index creation, recovery of tablespaces and indexes, and other non disruptive tasks.
  • Data encryption at rest is standard with no additional charge using Oracle (ASO) Advanced security package. Oracle security patches are tested and applied quarterly. In some cases as soon as they are available.
  • Database connections across the wire are encrypted or at the user’s choice. Multiple methods are available.
  • Operational DBA’s are available to run scripts as requested by application developers. (propagation of structural changes of data from development to production).
  • Proactive identification of problematic routines and processes including tuning recommendations are available.
  • Current supported product versions, patches, license compliance and vendor support of hosting products.
  • Enterprise-class storage space provided by highly available disk and tape environments.
  • Oracle Enterprise Monitor (OEM) Cloud Control monitoring and management of environment with Oracle management packages.
  • DBA Staff are notified via text messages regarding any unhealthy condition of schemas.
  • Oracle RMAN database backups and daily exports are managed with EMC DD Boost on spinning disk with 7 day retention period.
  • Oracle Database Servers are protected by firewalls and are only available through internal state networks. Special arrangements for VPN Tunnels or point-to-point connections are reviewed by the DTS Security Group.

Features Not Included

  • N/A

Application Programming Services

  • Application Programming Services are available through another DTS product offering and are not included in the Oracle Shared Hosting product.
  • Related DTS Services available on time and materials basis.
  • Extended hours support of user requests for data loads, table and index creation, major upgrades, recovery of tablespaces and indexes, and other user requested after hours tasks. Established hourly rates may apply.
  • Assistance with off-site recovery procedures and testing.
  • Assistance with application specific diagnostics.
  • Assistance with data propagation to other platforms and DataGuard replication. (Time and Materials Basis)
  • Dedicated database servers for special requirements. (Time and Materials Basis)

Ordering and Provisioning

Ordering the Product

Any State agency interested in Oracle Shared or Dedicated Hosting should contact their assigned IT Director or by email to The IT Director will help guide the customer through the following process:

  1. DTS contacts the customer to gather additional information.
  2. DTS provides a cost estimate and schedule estimate to the customer.
  3. The customer agency provides approval, including billing information.
  4. DTS builds the requested database environment and informs the customer.

For technical support you can contact the DBA’s at:

  1. DBA Group Google Mailbox:
  2. DTS Help Desk at:

Product Agreement

DTS and the Customer agree that this Product Description and acceptance of the approved rate constitute a binding agreement between both parties for the Product and related services required by the Customer. This Agreement remains in effect according to the terms specified in the Product Order Form.

Product and/or Service Rates listed are in accordance with the approved DTS Rate Schedules. Therefore, the product description and order form replaces all other documentation, i.e., Contracts, Special Billing Agreements (SBA), Service Level Agreements (SLA), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), etc.

To the extent that the terms set forth above conflict with an existing Contract, Special Billing Agreement (SBA), Service Level Agreements (SLA), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), or other agreement between DTS and the customer, the parties acknowledge that the foregoing shall supersede the earlier agreement.

DTS Responsibilities

  • Scheduled Version Upgrades
  • Security Patch Maintenance schedule
  • License Compliance
  • Data Encryption per customer request
  • Security Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring and tuning of DB server environment is ready for use.
  • Scheduled on-call support for emergencies after hours, holidays, weekends
  • Change Control Policy compliance
  • Backup and Recovery most recent with 7 day retention period
  • Space management

Agency Responsibilities

  • Oracle shared database customers are expected to be in compliance with DTS Policies and Procedures for sharing database data with other authorized users.
  • The need for HL7 & HIPAA compliance will be determined by the Agency and owners of schemas hosted in the Oracle shared environment. Costs associated with HIPAA and HL7 compliance are the responsibility of the Agency owner of the schema. This includes safe keeping of financial data and electronic commerce transactions.
  • DTS Version upgrade policy applies to this product offering covered in TB0328. In a shared environment users are expected to work with their vendors or developers and migrate to future database releases as they are available.
  • Users of the Oracle Shared and Dedicated environments are expected to follow DTS Policies and Procedures regarding password maintenance.