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Per Rack Unit charge (30 U Rack)
FY 24 Rate (Data Center Rack Space - Rack U): $31.23/Rack U/Month

Full Rack
FY 24 Rate (Data Center Rack Space - Full Rack): $936.85/Rack/Month

Network Services
Network Services - Other State Agencies - 1 GB
FY 24 Rate: $64.08/Device/Month
(includes Security @ FY 24 Rate: $30.44/Device/Month)

Other Technical Services
FY 24 Rate: Cost + 10%

Network Services - 10 GB
FY 24 Rate: $222.52/Connection/Month

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Call To Order: 801-538-3440 or 1-800-678-3440

Data Center Rack Space (Non-Executive Branch Agencies)

DTS Data Center racks are available to State agencies and other government entities to physically house their server(s) and other equipment at the Salt Lake and Richfield data center facilities (colocated hosting). DTS provides secure facilities, growth capacity, WAN connectivity, redundant power, and basic monitoring services for State Agencies. Monitoring and WAN connectivity for NonState entities are addressed on a case by case study.

Anyone requiring physical access to the State data centers must undergo a security background investigation. remotely.

Product Features and Descriptions

Secure Physical Facility

In the State Office Building, there are three card-accessed secure doors to enter the colocated area. In the Richfield Data Center there are two secured doors.

Environmentally Controlled Location

CRAC (computer room air conditioners) units maintain the humidity and temperature controls at an ideal level environment for server hardware. All mechanical and environmental items receive scheduled preventative maintenance with certified technicians.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS and diesel generators ensure uninterrupted power. There are two generators in Salt Lake and one in Richfield. UPS and generators in Salt Lake are fully redundant. All mechanical and environmental items receive scheduled preventative maintenance with certified technicians.

Fire Prevention

The Salt Lake Data Center is configured with a Halon fire suppression system throughout the entire facility. The Richfield Data Center uses a Sapphire Clean agent fire suppression system. All mechanical and environmental items receive scheduled preventative maintenance with certified technicians.

Access to Network

A professional network designed and engineered to maintain enhanced reliability and availability. The Network Operations Center manages network equipment, monitors performance, manages outages, and assists customers.


Provides basic network security via firewall services, intrusion monitoring and management, and access control lists.

IP Addresses

There is high availability using the State’s redundant backbone. The DTS DNS service includes primary and backup DNS servers to resolve name and addresses for Internet traffic.


DTS monitors State Agency servers in the State data centers for network connectivity (pipe), continuous power to the server, and server response to ping. Application level monitoring is available upon request of a quote. For NonState entities are addressed on a case by case study.

Features Not Included

Administration Services

A nonState customer is responsible for hardware and software administration functions.

Backup and Restore Services

DTS owns and maintains a backup and restore environment in the Salt Lake City and Richfield data centers. After the initial full backup, incremental backups are performed nightly. See the product description relating to this service for additional information.

Disk Storage

DTS maintains Storage Area Network (SAN) storage availability in both the Salt Lake and Richfield data centers. See the Open System Storage product descriptions for more information. Servers require Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) to attach to the SAN. Check with DTS for HBA compatibility.


There is a separate product and charge for using the State’s WAN. The charge is per device connected to the WAN.

Ordering and Provisioning

If you would like assistance, please contact the DTS Service Desk.

DTS Responsibilities

DTS provides the rack space required per the specifications for your equipment.

DTS installs cabling to the racks for power and WAN connectivity. NonState entities DTS will assist or oversee the install on a case by case basis.

DTS will provide a maximum of two (2) power connections to each rack connected to separate PDUs (power distribution units). Power requirements beyond these two (2) power connections will be installed and billed to the customer.

DTS will provide power strips to racks for State Agencies only.

DTS monitoring services for State Agencies include pipe, power, and ping. This provides the ability to inform you if a problem develops.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer provides the server specifications and the amount of rack space needed in rack units

Cabling NonState Customer

Customers may run cables within their own racks, but it must be done in compliance with data center standards. The use of Velcro cable ties is recommended. Cabling that runs under the floor must be approved and installed by, or in conjunction with DTS. DTS technicians will install on a time and material basis as requested.

Cabling For State Customers

All cabling will be performed by DTS Operations or in conjunction with the customer.

No power strips may be installed under the floor. All customer provided equipment to be located in a DTS data center must be approved by DTS operations personnel.

Customer provides DTS with the names of those individuals requiring access to the server.

Customer will provide DTS with information about individuals who need to be removed from access to the State data center due to termination or other issues that would not permit them to pass a back ground check.

Customer enters a DTS Help Desk ticket when a problem with service is encountered.

Customer is responsible for the cost of all hardware and software installed in the rack space provided.