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State of Utah Teleworking Initiative

DTS is participating in a State Teleworking Initiative, which is meant to reduce facility costs, increase employee retention, improve air quality, and provide additional work opportunities in rural Utah. A pilot project is currently underway at the Capitol State Office Building. You can see more info here.

In addition DTS has developed a Digital Workplace and Mobility Reference Guide. See it here. Historically, the traditional office work environment has been device and/or location centric in its implementation. With the onset of virtualization and cloud technologies, however, the traditional office workspace is undergoing a paradigm shift from a location-centric computing model to a user-centric computing model. The State of Utah is in the front line of this shift, and at the Division of Technology Services (DTS) we are exploring digital workplace solutions in order to assist State agencies that want to make this transition.

This guide first explores the current workspace environment and then discusses the three digital workplace options under consideration by the State: work from home, mobile work, and free address/hotelling. This document also lists several tools, including communication/collaboration tools like Gmail, file-sharing tools like Google Drive, and screen sharing tools like Bomgar, that agencies can use to ensure a smooth transition to digital workplaces and make the most of those alternatives once a transition is made.

In addition to presenting various tools for agencies, this document also provides the Department’s response to questions that agencies may have as they learn about digital workplaces. Several areas of potential concern are addressed, including questions about security, phones, and computer issues. Overall, this document is meant to provide a high-level summary of the topic of digital workplace solutions for State of Utah executive branch agencies. Additional, more detailed, information will be provided as needed.