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FY2024 DTS Rate Change Information

Below highlights some of the changes you will see on your FY24 DTS Monthly Bill. 


  • Simple Storage: This is no longer a service DTS is providing and has been removed from the rate sheet.

  • VoIP and Persistent Chat: These communication services have decreased.





6343:Business Phone Line VoIP




6341:Persistent Chat





  • Overall, the DTS rates have increased due to compensation increases including COLA, health, and dental.

  • Security Support: was increased to cover the Agency migration to the new Identity and Access Management (UtahID) system.

  • General Purpose and Backup Storage: have increased as users have moved to the cloud and on premise utilization has dropped. 

  • SQL and Oracle Database Core Model: DTS has been charging less than cost for both of these rates to bring Retained Earnings in line with Federal guidelines. The increase is to bring more in-line with actual costs. 

Other Rate Changes

  • Application Developer Rate: In order to simplify billing and help to make agency costs more predictable throughout the year,the hourly billing for DTS application developers changed from 8 tiers to 4 tiers. 

  • Other Storage and File Share Services: have been moved under the “6517:General Purpose Storage” rate.

Further information:

You can view all changes to the DTS Rates by going to

If you would like to see more details on why some of the rates changed and see your Agency’s impact reports, please go to the following links: