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DTS Procurement News for Vendors

We are sharing this information with DTS vendors to notify you of various changes to the way quotes and invoices are being processed. Your participation in including these items is appreciated in order for us to process IT procurements and invoice payments in a timely manner.


Going forward, all quotes and invoices must have a contract listed. Please make sure the contract is added to any quote requested by a State of Utah customer and to any invoice sent to State of Utah customers or Accounts Payable. In addition, if there is not a contract for the requested item(s), please indicate this on the quote.

Purchase Orders

When a PO is received by your company please reply all with a confirmation that it has been received and is being worked on.

New Process for Quotes/Invoicing

Please add dates to anything time-related. This will include anything under software, licensing, support, maintenance and/or subscriptions. If it is quarterly, please specify which quarter(s) and for monthly, please specify which month(s). Start and end dates will need to be on quotes and invoices moving forward. If the start date is dependent on when the PO is received, please make sure the specific dates are listed on the invoice that follows.