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2019-2022 Strategic Plan

You can view the new 2019-2022 Strategic Plan here.

The 2019–2022 Strategic Plan for the Division of Technology Services (DTS) provides strategic goals and direction to the state’s technology community about how DTS will continue to be a strategic, secure, responsive, and innovative information technology (IT) partner organization. In addition, the strategic plan will help government leaders evaluate and prioritize the technology innovations that could enable them to achieve their business and service delivery objectives. Each agency should carefully consider how the strategic goals outlined in this plan align with agency objectives. The plan presents technology trends that DTS leaders identified as relevant and describes how these trends will affect the direction for IT management statewide.

Technology allows agencies to perform more efficiently and fulfill citizen needs, and it will continue to provide a vehicle for innovative solutions. DTS must ensure that IT initiatives align with agency priorities, both now and in the future. And to meet the needs of the mobile citizenry, DTS and agencies must also work together to adapt planning and governance processes to the emerging world of 24/7 access to government. Utah is well poised to meet the goals in this plan.


Utah Code 63F-1-203 explicitly requires the chief information officer (CIO) to prepare an executive branch strategic plan that addresses:

  • The interchange of information among executive branch agencies
  • Priorities for the development and implementation of IT and systems
  • Coordination among agencies in the development and maintenance of IT and systems;
  • Protection of the privacy of individuals who use State systems
  • Maximizing the use of existing State IT resources

DTS must also ensure that cost-effective, efficient information and communication systems and resources are being used by agencies to reduce data, hardware, and software redundancy (Utah Code 63F-1-104).

Accordingly, this document aligns the following Core Strategic Objectives for 2019–2022 with the requirements of the Utah Code. These goals are meant to support state agency business objectives, support the governor’s goals, support the goals of DTS, and help define metrics by which DTS can measure progress.