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Verizon Redundant Network Project

Many agencies rely on a solid network connection to conduct business, and the Verizon Redundant Network could be used in several locations where network connectivity is essential. The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC), which relies on a network connection to process credit card transactions, volunteered their stores for a pilot project. The Verizon private network can provide the redundant connection that the department would need in the event of network failure on the primary connection.

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New DTS Offering: Verizon Private Network Service

Verizon private network service provides for access to the State network via the Verizon cellular network. Users with Verizon air cards are connected by Verizon directly to the Verizon services router on the State network and have access to the internet and web-based services. Agencies can also request firewall rules to allow additional access to internal State resources. All traffic is encrypted between the air card and the Verizon services router. There is no additional charge for Verizon private network service beyond the cost of cellular service.

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New Softphone Product Offering

As our agency customers require telecommuting options to facilitate a mobile workforce, DTS has implemented a solution for Cisco Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) users; and, until migrated to Cisco VoIP, customers currently using the Avaya platform now have an option for telecommuting, specifically: Avaya Softphone.

Please note that this is only available to those currently on an Avaya phone system. Please work with your IT Director to determine what phone system is available to you.

Softphones run as a workstation application that allows users to make/receive phone calls from a computer connected to […]

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Now Accepting Nominations for 2019 Best of Utah Awards

The Best of Utah awards honor emerging leaders and innovative projects in government IT that enable Utah to better meet constituent expectations for services and information, improve operating efficiency, and conserve tax dollars. The awards also provide an opportunity for state and local government in Utah to learn about IT leaders and projects that are changing the way government does business. 

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New 2018 Google Imagery

The new 2018 high-resolution Google imagery (6” pixels) is available through AGRC’s Discover server1! Updated areas (map below) include what Google calls the “Salt Lake and Logan blocks,” which make up most of the Wasatch Front urban area (i.e., Brigham City, Weber County, Davis County, Salt Lake County, and Utah County). The Salt Lake block was flown 9/11/2018 and the Logan block was flown 9/15/2018. Read more here. 

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The SGID, Moving Forward

In an effort to ultimately consolidate and organize as much State GIS data as possible, AGRC has been gathering information about SGID data layers managed by AGRC, and we are now reaching out to state agencies to collaborate about agency-specific data layers. Read on to get the full scoop on this effort. Read more here. 

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Multimodal Travel Shed Project

A travel shed is the set of all the destinations that can be reached from a location within a specified time budget. Travel sheds are valuable both for visualizing and analyzing residents’ access to key services, but also for defining service areas for businesses and other service provider locations, such as schools, transit stations, hospitals, and fire stations.

Geographic information systems (GIS) software can compute and display travel sheds using a set of techniques called network analysis. We’re all somewhat familiar with the power of network analysis as, behind the scenes, it’s what makes the basic […]

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