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macOS Device MDM Setup and Installation Instructions

NOTE: If you have ANY questions about the enrollment process or experience issues registering, please contact your DTS Help Desk.

  1. Open Safari (or your preferred web browser) and navigate to
  2. Select Download Hub under the macOS section.
    Download Hub- Workspace ONE
  3. When the download completes, click on the VMwareWorkspaceONEIntelligentHub.pkg in the bottom left hand corner.
    Download Hub - Workspace ONE - Package
  4. Continue through the installation process by following all additional prompts.
    Workspace ONE Installer
  5. Once you have reached this screen during the installation process, click Close.
    Workspace ONE Installation Success

    It is okay to select Move to Trash after you have completed the steps from above.
    Move Package to Trash Screenshot

  6. The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application should open automatically and you will be presented with the following screen. Enter for the Server Address and select Next.
    MDM Server Address Screenshot
  7. Proceed by entering sou for the Group ID and select Next.
    MDM Group ID Screenshot
  8. In the Username field, type your Utah ID (i.e., username only; leave out Then in the Password field, type your current password. Then select Next.
    MDM Sign In Screenshot
  9. Select whether the device you are enrolling is Employee owned or Corporate owned. An Employee owned device is one that you own, pay for, and use outside of work. If this is a state-owned device, select Corporate owned and Dedicated. Then select Next.
    Ownership Setup Screenshot
  10. Select Next.
    Workspace Services Screenshot
  11. When the Profiles screen appears from the System Preferences, select Install… in the upper right hand corner.
    Install Profile Screenshot
  12. Select Install followed by your MacBook user account password. Click Enroll after you have successfully entered your password.
    Install Profile Device Manager Screenshot
    Enroll Device Manager Screenshot
    Navigate back to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application and select Done.
    Device MDM Success Screenshot
  13. This concludes MDM enrollment for your macOS device. You should now have access to state resources.

Managing your Device

To manage your device, log in to the AirWatch SSP (i.e., your device’s self-service portal) from a computer. (Note: When you contact DTS for device support, DTS will assist you in accessing the self-service portal to manage your device.)
To access the self-service portal, type sou in the Group ID field, and type in your UtahID username and password in the respective fields. Then select Log In
Self Service Portal Screenshot
Once you are logged in to the self-service portal, you can perform basic device management tasks (e.g., device queries and enterprise wipes) on your enrolled devices.


If you have trouble with the registration process, or issues with MDM on your device, please contact Help Desk Support.