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OSX Laptop

MacBook Setup & Install Instructions

NOTE: If you have ANY questions about the enrollment process or experience issues registering, please contact your DTS Help Desk.

If your Mac has not already been connected to the states Active Directory system, please contact DTS to have your Mac added to the Domain.

  1. Once connected to the internet via
    WIFI on your
    Mac computer, open Safari & navigate to
  2. In the Group ID field, enter
    sou, then select
    MDM Authenticate Screenshot
  3. Enter your UtahID
    username and
    password, then select
    MDM Credentials Screenshot
  4. Select the device ownership type, by clicking on the drop down arrow, then select
    Next. If you are not presented with this screen, please go to the next step.
    MDM Additional Info Screenshot
  5. Select
    AirWatch Install Prompt Screenshot
  6. Select
    AirWatch Install Prompt Screenshot
  7. Select
    AirWatch Install Prompt Screenshot
  8. Enter your Mac computer Administrator
    Profiles Authentication Screenshot
  9. You will now see that the profile has been installed (this can be also viewed by going to “system preferences > profiles”). Close the
    Profiles window.
    Profiles Screenshot
  10. Click on the automatically downloaded file
    Dock Downloads Screenshot
  11. A window will open with the
    AirWatch MDM Agent.pkg. Double click on the file.
    Install AirWatch Package Screenshot
  12. Select
    Install AirWatch Screenshot
  13. Select
    Install AirWatch Screenshot
  14. Select
    Install AirWatch Agreement Screenshot
  15. Select
    Install AirWatch Screenshot
  16. Enter your password for your
    Mac computer and select
    Install Software.
    Installer Authenticate Screenshot
  17. You have successfully installed MDM & the MDM agent on the Mac. Select
    Successful AirWatch Installation Screenshot
  18. You can close all windows that were opened in relation to MDM enrollment and
    Eject AirWatchAgent drive on the desktop.
    Eject AirWatchAgent Screenshot
  19. Due to the encryption policy, you will be required to have
    Disk Encryption.

    If you are not automatically prompted to Encrypt your hard disk, click on the
    aw icon at the top right of the screen, and select
    Sync Now.

    If you are prompted with the
    Disk Encryption box, please go to the next step.
    AW Sync Now Screenshot

  20. Enter your Mac Administrator password and select
    Disk Encryption Screenshot
  21. Select
    Store in
    Disk Encryption Enabled Screenshot
  22. Select
    Recovery Key Stored for Backup Screenshot
  23. Select
    Recovery Key Stored for Backup Screenshot
  24. Save your work, select
    OK and restart your machine.
    System Restart in 5min Prompt Screenshot
  25. You can continue to use the Mac as per normal. You can also confirm the successful enrollment of MDM by checking in the Self Service Portal.

Managing your Device

Please log into the Device Self Service Portal to manage your own device. When you contact DTS for device support, DTS will assist you in accessing the Device Self Service Portal to manage your device. The Self Service Portal can be found here:

To gain access to the Self Service Portal, enter the
Group ID (SOU) & your
Username and
Password. This will be the same as your UtahID account. Select

Self Service Portal Screenshot


If you have trouble with the registration process, or issues with MDM on your device, please contact Help Desk Support.