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Application Services

Application Services encompasses three services: Application Development, Basic Application Support, and Dedicated Application Support.

Database Consulting

Currently, DTS provides database hosting environments for Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server, which are shared across the enterprise. DTS employs a group of database administrators whose primary task is to support and maintain these environments. Skills developed through certification and years of experience are available to our customers on a consulting basis. This could include building database servers, problem diagnosis, design and best practices, and upgrades. The individuals who are a part of this database group maintain knowledge, skills and experience in the various databases that are supported by DTS. Customers with a need for additional support and maintenance for tasks outside of the regular product offerings may enter a special billing agreement with DTS for Database Consulting. Although this is not a regularly offered consulting service, like Application Development or Web Design, it is available when it is requested.

Enterprise Hosting

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) provides all State entities with hosting services, including compute, storage, databases, authentication and authorization, monitoring, 24/7 support, firewall, backup and restore, wide area network, security, and load balancing. DTS offers multiple options for infrastructure/computing hosting environments.

GIS Analysis and Customization

The Utah Geospatial Resource Center (UGRC) provides custom design and development of ArcGIS Desktop based applications and tools for agencies to enhance their geospatial work flow and capabilities.

GIS Mapping Data Production

 UGRC offers services relating to the design, creation, editing, and maintenance of geospatial databases, content, and provision or use of data-as-a-service.

GIS Mapping Web Applications

UGRC offers requirements analysis, design, development, and hosting of geospatial web-mapping applications and geospatial web services. The development framework currently used is ASP .NET MVC and the predominant programming language used is C# and JavaScript.

Project Management

This product encompasses the full range of project management activities, including establishing the project context, planning the project, and managing the project through deployment to an operational state. The Project Manager functions as an agent of the customer to plan, schedule, acquire resources, ensure issue resolution, mitigate risks, and manage the project for the customer until the goals and objectives of the project as documented in the project scope have been successfully met.