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CIO’s Office Name / Email Phone
CIO Alan Fuller 801-967-4603
Assistant to the CIO Kate Layton 801-967-4603
Enterprise Products Director John Angus 801-967-4603
Agency Services Director Mark Schultz 801-967-4603
Finance Director Dan Frei 801-556-7103
Public Information Officer Stephanie Weteling 801-599-7870
Information Security Phil Bates 801-967-4603
eGovernment Dave Fletcher 801-967-4602
Agency IT Directors Name / Email Phone
Agriculture and Food (UDAF) Bill Boudreau
Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) Tim Cornia 801-538-6286
Board of Pardons and Parole (BOP or BOPP) Bryan Kasteler 801-545-5508
Commerce (DOC) Paul Kearsley 801 538-9514
Corrections (UDC) Bryan Kasteler 801-545-5508
Environmental Quality (DEQ) Bill Boudreau
Financial Institutions (DFI) Paul Kearsley 801 538-9514
Government Operations Bri Lifferth 801-898-2047
Governor’s Office Wes Miles 801 526-9659
Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) Wes Miles 801 526-9659
Community and Culture (DCCE) Wes Miles 801 526-9659
Human Resource Management (DHRM) Chad Thompson 801 514-7508 
Health and Human Services (DHHS) Tricia Cox 801-503-8618
Insurance (UID) Chad Thompson 801 514-7508 
Labor Commission (ULC) Paul Kearsley 801 538-9514
Natural Resources (DNR) Bill Boudreau
Office of Energy Development (OED) Wes Miles 801 526-9659
Public Safety (DPS) Jared Jensen 801-505-8303
Public Service Commission (PSC) Paul Kearsley 801 538-9514
Tax Commission (USTC or Tax) Steve Coons 801-297-3875
Transportation (UDOT) Adam Radel 801-427-0808
Utah Geospatial Resource Center (UGRC) Matt Peters 801-538-3168
Utah Office of Tourism (UOT) Wes Miles 801 526-9659
Veterans and Military Affairs (VMA) Wes Miles 801 526-9659
Workforce Services (DWS) Collin Peterson 801 526-9987