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Standards and Architecture

The State IT Strategic Plan has defined the criteria for Enterprise Architecture (EA) to “provide a roadmap for moving the State of Utah IT infrastructure (i.e., processes, information and data, applications, and technology) from the current state to the future state.” The plan identifies an objective future state for EA as follows:

“We maintain a master architecture that clearly links system and technology choices and investments to desired business or State service capabilities. Our architecture captures both the current state (inventories, standards, process models, etc.) and the future state, with the level of detail and the areas of focus being commensurate with current business and service priorities of the State. We also maintain localized versions of this master architecture to be more responsive and relevant to the specific needs of State offices and agencies.”

An EA framework needs to support and enable the realization of this overall strategy and direction for the State. The enterprise architecture for the State is business-driven. Its foundation is based upon understanding agency business objectives, what services they need to provide, and how they prefer to provide those services to meet the needs of their customers. A business-based foundation provides a common framework for improvement in a variety of key areas:

  • Information Sharing
  • Development of Shared Services
  • Development of Shared Services
  • Shared Technical Expertise
  • Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness




Technical Architecture Standards for the State of Utah as approved by the Architecture Review Board.