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Voice Monthly Service – Basic Telephony Service (Universal Rate – URate)

The Universal Rate applies to customer business requirements dependent on the telephony system.
FY 20 Rate: $32.86/User/Month

Telephone Technician Labor
FY 20 Rate: $78.06/Hour

Commercial Telcom Vendor Installation
Cost Plus 10%
Minimum One Hour

No Charge

No labor charge – Customers are required to contact the DTS Help Desk at 801-538-3440 or 1-800-678-3440.

Phone sets will be replaced at no cost to agencies for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty period. After the expiration of the warranty period, telephone set replacement costs will be the responsibility of the agency.
No Charge

DTS Finance and Accounting is available to answer questions and resolve billing issues.
No Charge

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Universal Telecom Rate for Voice Monthly Service

The Department of Technology Services (DTS) provides Voice Services to all Executive Branch agencies. Voice Monthly Services include the planning and implementation of basic phone services (dial tone) throughout the State of Utah.

The Judicial and Legislative Branches of State government and other governmental entities, e.g., cities, counties, colleges, universities, K-12, etc. have the option of receiving basic telephone services from DTS.

Features and Descriptions

Planning and Implementation

DTS plans and implements voice services for Executive Branch agencies and other branches of state government if/when requested.


DTS coordinates and installs lines, trunks, circuits, hardware, etc. in support of voice services.

Voice Monthly Service (Basic Telephony Services – URate)

Provide basic services (dial tone) to State employees.

Voice Monthly Service (URate) applies to services provided by the telephony system, e.g., Private Branch eXchange (PBX), key system and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

The URate is applicable for customer requirements that are dependent upon services or features provided by the telephony system, such as call forwarding to a cellular device from a business number regardless of a physical desk phone or the State network in support of voice services, such as VoIP solutions. Agencies employing VoIP systems, State or cloud hosted, will be billed the URate for each end-user.

Dedicated business lines (1FBs) for faxes, modems, monitoring equipment, and so forth, to meet agency business requirements, are billed at Cost Plus 10% (1FBCP).

Voice Mail

DID Service

Direct Inward Dial (DID) services allow outside callers to dial inside an agency without going through the attendant.

7-1-1 Dialing

7-1-1 Dialing assists employees and or citizens who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled and who use a Teletypewriter (TTY) device.

911 Service/Access

When possible, DTS-owned telephony systems will be programmed to permit the dialing of both 911 and 9-911 when reporting an emergency.

Carrier and Vendor Services Provided

Note: Feature selection is dependent upon location, customer base and vendor provided services

  • 7-1-1 Dialing
  • Music on Hold
  • Extended Calling Area
  • Long Distance Access
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Last Call Return
  • Call Forwarding
  • Directory Listing
  • Foreign Directory Listing

UPS Power Back-Up

PBX and key systems are powered by Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems for a minimum of 15 minutes in the event of a power outage.

Repair and Maintenance

24×7-repair service – DTS utilizes vendor technicians and DTS technicians to perform installation and repairs: normal business hours and on-call.

Features Not Included

Dedicated Business Lines

Dedicated business lines (1FBs) for faxes, modems, monitoring equipment, and so forth, to meet agency business requirements, are billed at Cost Plus 10% (1FBCP).

Additional Agency Requested Trunking

During the VoIP/SIP deployment process, if an agency requests from DTS to retain any traditional voice service connectivity, e.g., PRI circuit(s) and/or additional 1FB line(s) to meet their business continuity and/or emergency business requirements above the standard that DTS provides, then the agency is responsible for any/all costs via a Special Billing Agreement (SBA).

Call Center Application Services

Call Center applications are unique to agency business requirements. DTS offers Call Center services as separate products, for example, Call Management Services (CMS), IP Agent, analog business lines, and other telecommuter services.

Phone Sets

The purchase of telephone sets are the responsibility of State agencies or other governmental entities.


Long Distance

Long Distance is not included in the Voice Monthly Service Rate (Universal Rate – URate), but is available at approved rates.

Additional Services

DTS offers a variety of optional calling services through the service providers for additional charges. For information, pricing and availability of additional services, or additional instructions on using these services, visit the DTS web site at (select the  General Telecom Order Form) or call the Help Desk at 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.

Ordering and Provisioning

All telephone service requests must be in writing. If the request involves ten (10) stations or more, then contact your DTS Voice Solutions Engineer. For moves, installs, or changes of less than ten (10) stations, send your request via the General Telecom Order Form for Phone Services on the DTS web site.

DTS Responsibilities

Design the telephone system that will meet the needs of the customer.

Engineer and install voice systems that maintain a Grade of Service (GOS) guarantee of P.05. This means that only five percent of calls attempted receive a busy signal during the busiest hour of the busiest day. Telephone systems are engineered for an agency’s peak busy hour.

Agency Responsibilities

Contact the assigned DTS Voice Solution Engineer to plan telephone needs or call 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.

Submit orders to the Telecom Order Desk for all moves, adds, or changes for ten stations or less. Order requests for larger moves, adds, or changes (over 10 stations) should be submitted to the agency assigned Voice Solution Engineer.

Please review billing of services monthly to ensure accuracy. Discrepancies should be discussed with DTS Accounting within the fiscal year in order for adjustments to be approved and processed.

Set up appropriate billing code for billing purposes.

Notify DTS Customer Support Center of any problems by calling 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.