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Mobile Technician Services Overview

This document provides information about Division of Technology Services (DTS) mobile technicians,1 including the types of services the techs provide, how the techs bill for these services, and other relevant details. 

Mobile Tech Role

DTS provides IT services for government-owned IT devices that reside in a customer’s environment and access the State’s business systems. Mobile techs provide telecom/telephony service, networking assistance, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) support, wireless support, and other features.     

Services Provided

DTS Mobile tech services include, but are not limited to, the following, and are based on customer requests. 


In support of telephony services, DTS mobile techs are qualified to install, configure, remove, replace, maintain, and troubleshoot/service telecommunication equipment, including the following: 

  • Private Branch eXchange (PBX): 
    • Cabinets
      • Cards
      • Power supplies
    • Servers
      • Power supplies
      • Hard drives
    • Cross Connect Field (including organization, maintenance, and labeling)
  • VOIP


DTS mobile techs install, remove, replace, troubleshoot, maintain, and provide support for network services and equipment. 


DTS mobile techs install, remove, replace, troubleshoot, and maintain UPS for DTS equipment. 


DTS mobile techs install, remove, replace, troubleshoot, and maintain customers’ wireless networks, (including Radio Bridges) as described in the DTS Wireless Network Product Description. Wireless planning surveys and building pattern/radiation surveys will be provided by the mobile techs with an order for the service. 


DTS mobile techs install customers’ DTS-approved audio/visual (A/V) equipment. Mobile techs will also remove, replace, troubleshoot, and maintain DTS-installed, or DTS authorized vendor-installed, A/V equipment. Note: DTS mobile techs will not support systems that were previously installed by other vendors; mobile techs only support DTS-installed equipment and DTS authorized-vendor installed equipment. 


DTS mobile techs install, remove, replace, troubleshoot, and maintain customers’ wiring, including all network jack to switch wiring for all State buildings. Mobile techs also: 

  • consult with customers on identifying the scope of work and wiring needs;
  • complete service orders (SO) as workload and customer need allows; and 
  • contract with vendors as determined by workload or request.

If a wiring request is outside the scope of the mobile tech responsibilities described in this Mobile Technician Services Overview document, mobile techs will request services from an outside vendor.

After mobile techs complete wiring work, they will verify that the project is completed and that the work meets defined State of Utah standards, specifically State of Utah communication wiring standards.

24×7 Support

If a customer orders 24×7 mobile tech support, mobile techs will provide ongoing support during business hours and after business hours for all the other mobile tech services listed above, in accordance with DTS Policy 2000-0009, On-Call Policy.

Hours of Support

Mobile techs provide full support for mobile tech provided services from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and are available 24×7 for on-call or emergency support.  

DTS Mobile Tech Responsibilities

Mobile tech responsibilities include the following:

  • providing mobile tech services (as described in this document) to DTS and the department’s customers,
  • providing mobile tech services at a customer’s location,
  • using ServiceNow incidents to create SOs, 
  • completing rate-based hourly work in accordance with each SO, and
  • troubleshooting, installing, and diagnosing problems; making adjustments; completing repairs; and performing preventive maintenance on telecommunications and networking equipment.

Completion of requested services (i.e., total time to resolution) is contingent upon delivery and receipt of all required hardware and materials by a DTS mobile technician. The total time to resolution “clock” begins with receipt of all required parts.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers using DTS mobile tech services are responsible for: 

  • providing accurate billing information, and 
  • reviewing billing of services monthly to ensure accuracy.3

Billing Information

Depending on the type of service required by a customer, mobile tech services may be charged in one of several ways, including the following. (For specific rates on mobile tech services, see the “Mobile Technician Labor” rate for the current fiscal year on the DTS rates page.) 

Standard Billing

For standard billing, mobile techs will bill a minimum of one hour. Standard billing time will include both drive time and work time.

Split Billing

Split billing will be used when multiple mobile tech jobs are being completed in a defined proximity. Split billing time will only be applied to drive time. 

Overtime Billing

Overtime billing (time and a half billing) for mobile techs will be billed daily. Overtime will be billed for actual hours worked between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and for any hours worked on weekends and holidays. A mobile tech employee’s overtime must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, and the SO must be listed on the employee’s time sheet in order to ensure accountability. Time sheet accounting for OT hours will follow the DTS reporting policy for any hours over 40 in a weekly pay period.

Apprentice/Temp Billing

For mobile tech apprentice/temp billing, one hour will be billed for every two hours worked.

Ordering and Provisioning

Customers may contact the DTS Customer Support Center (801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440) to report a problem or request services.   Requests for DTS provided services should follow the ordering process outlined for each product. Customers may also submit a ServiceNow ticket (i.e., create a ServiceNow “incident”) to obtain mobile tech assistance.  

Contact Information

For more information about DTS mobile tech services, contact Russell Smith at (801) 514-3125 or or


The following documents provide additional/supplemental information about DTS mobile tech services: 


1 DTS mobile technicians are also commonly referred to as “phone techs,” “wiring techs,” and “field service techs,” but for purposes of this document, the group will be referred to as “mobile techs” or “techs.”

2 Telephone technician labor is discussed in more detail in the DTS Telephone Technician Labor product description.

3 Discrepancies should be discussed with DTS Accounting within the fiscal year in order for adjustments to be approved and processed.