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Cisco Singlewire Informacast Paging

Cisco Singlewire Informacast “Paging-Through-the-Phone” (PTTP) is a feature that allows DTS agency customers with Cisco IP Phones to place a paging announcement over their IP Phone’s speaker (speakerphone capability is required).  DTS customers can request the creation of PTTP paging zone(s) to which IP Phones are assigned. Paging announcements can be heard by users while on-hook (not on a call) or while off-hook (on a call).  

Product Features and Descriptions


Allows customers to place a page over Cisco IP Phones; speakerphone capability is required.

Multiple Zone Capability

Customers may have multiple paging zones; Cisco IP Phones can be assigned to one or more zones.

Paging Skip or No Skip Phones In-Use

On a per zone basis, customers can choose to have pages skip, or not, IP Phones that are in-use.  This is useful for priority pages.

Rates and Billing



Singlewire Informacast Paging Gateway

Charge Type: One-Time-Charge (OTC)

Service Code: SNGLWPGTWY

Category: Vendor Material

Current OTC = $553.74 computed as follows: $503.40 (subject to change) x 1.10 (Cost + 10%) = $553.74

URATE (Monthly Telecommunications Service) Charge Type: Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) per paging zone.  As a cost recovery model, PTTP License + Maintenance 3-Year Cost Recovery requires ≤ 21 IP Phones per paging zone.  For Example: An agency site with 230 IP Phones configured for PTTP will require the requesting agency to pay, via a Special Billing Agreement (SBA), for 11 paging zones regardless of how many paging zones (1 through 11 in this example) are actually used. 

Service Code: ITURATE

Category: Universal Rate

Singlewire Informacast Paging – Inventory Tracking Number

Charge Type: Non-Billable

Service Code: SNGLWPAG; inventory number assigned per paging zone

Category: Inventory

DTS Voice Operations – Initial setup programming and subsequent programming changes and/or additions

Charge Type: Mobile Technician Labor

OTC – FY 22 Rate: $69.09 per hour; subject to change on a fiscal year basis

Ordering and Provisioning

Contact DTS Customer Support Center 801 538-3440 or 800 678-3440; request that a DTS Voice Solution Engineer (VSE) contact you with information on planning/ordering Cisco Singlewire Informacast “Paging-Through-the-Phone” (PTTP) service.

DTS Responsibilities

DTS will maintain the Cisco Singlewire Informacast “Paging-Through-the-Phone” (PTTP) platform.

Agency Responsibilities

  • Consult with agency assigned DTS Voice Solution Engineer (VSE) for Singlewire Informacast “Paging-Through-the-Phone” (PTTP) application request(s) and/or modification(s).
  • Submit Singlewire Informacast “Paging-Through-the-Phone” (PTTP) change/modification request(s) to the DTS General Telecommunications online order form:; select General Telecom Order.
  • Notify DTS Customer Support Center of any problems by calling 801 538-3440 or 800 678-3440.
  • Review billing of PTTP services periodically to ensure accuracy.  Discrepancies should be discussed with DTS Accounting to ensure timely resolution approval/processing.

General Service Levels and Metrics

All technical incidents and service requests, and certain types of orders, related to products and services provided by DTS will be reported to the DTS Enterprise Service Desk or to specialized Help Desks that support State agencies or DTS divisions and regions.  All incidents and requests will be captured in the DTS Help Desk application. DTS staff will provide timely acknowledgement and resolution of technical incidents and service requests.

DTS support staff, including staff directly assigned to the DTS Enterprise Service Desk, will exert all reasonable efforts to meet the Time to Initial Response (TIR) and Total Time to Resolution (TTR) targets set forth below.

The DTS Enterprise Service Desk is accessible 24×7 by telephone at 801 538-3440 or 800 678-3440.  Live chat and direct user reporting of incidents are available on the DTS website at  Published “Business Hours” for the DTS Service Desk are 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday – Friday.  Hours of support/on-call coverage vary by agency/division/region and product.

Incident Response and Resolution Targets

Time to Initial Response Targets

% Tickets

Total Time to Resolution Targets

% Tickets

Low Priority – 1 Business Hour 85% Low Priority – 6 Business Hours 90%
Medium Priority – 1 Business Hour 85% Medium Priority – 4 Business Hours 90%
High Priority – 1 Clock Hour 90% High Priority – 3 Clock Hours 90%
Critical Priority – 30 Clock Minutes 95% Critical Priority – 3 Clock Hours 90%

Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Reporting

All users/customers whose technical incidents are resolved by DTS staff will be given the opportunity to respond to an on-line survey regarding their level of satisfaction with the support received from DTS.  Responding to the survey is voluntary. Periodic reports will be created showing the level of satisfaction with resolution of incidents by specific support groups and the level of satisfaction of users by agency.

Customer Satisfaction Targets

Metric Description


Average level of satisfaction with resolution efforts

> 4.5 on a scale of 0 – 5

Percentage of respondents satisfied or better with service received

93% of respondents satisfied