Utah Design System

November 30, 2023

Designed for Utah

The Utah Design System is a resource when implementing new or upgrading Utah websites and applications. It guides the state on the components needed to ensure accessibility, security, and other industry best practices.

What is a Design System?

The System is a collection of reusable user interface (UI) components, elements, patterns, and templates—guided by a complete set of clear standards and design principles based on industry best practices. 

Why do we have it?

Utah State Code Subsection 63A-16-104 requires DTS and executive branch agencies to coordinate on the creation of a set of “basic website standards for agencies that address common design standards and navigation standards.” Suppose you are thinking of building a new website or application. In that case, you may refer to the System to ensure compliance with industry best practices, accessibility, security, and Utah Code Subsection 63A-16-104(10), Subsection 63A-16-209, and Administrative Rule R895-14. 

The System can help guide employees and agencies to:

  • Address issues with out-of-compliance websites (accessibility, acceptable practices & standards, etc.)
  • Minimize security risks (copycat/spoof websites, malicious domains, etc.)
  • Build websites and be confident that they’re using best practices
  • Easily implement the System using templates and provide code
  • Implement citizen-centric web design & use

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