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MDM Unenroll

A device can be unregistered as easy as it can be registered. This can take place from either of the following places location: User Portal, device itself and the DTS Admin Console. If a device is needing to be unregistered with MDM (due to troubleshooting
or registering to another user), the best method is to perform an "Enterprise Wipe" from the Self Service Portal. Typically within 15 secs of executing the unregistration command, the device should be unregistered with MDM and you should
see it removed from within the user portal and listed as "Unenrolled" in the admin console.

There are a few ways unenroll a device from MDM:

  • From the Self Service Portal, select "enterprise Wipe"
  • On the device, remove the MDM profile. To do this, follow these steps:
    • iOS: "Settings > General > Profiles > AirWatch MDM/V_3 > Remove > Remove"
    • Android: "Settings > Security > Device Administrator > Uncheck AirWatch Administrator, then uninstall the App.
  • From the Admin portal, select "enterprise wipe"
  • On the device, select "factory reset" (WARNING – THIS WILL WIPE THE DEVICE)