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MDM Unenroll


A device can be unregistered as easily as it can be registered. There are three ways a user can unregister a device: from the Self-Service Portal, from the device itself, and from the DTS Admin Console. 


Unenroll via the Self-Service Portal

If a device needs to be unregistered with MDM due to troubleshooting or registering to another user, the best method is for the user to perform an enterprise wipe from the Self-service Portal. Typically within fifteen seconds of executing the enterprise wipe command, the device should be unregistered with MDM. At this point the user should see that the device has been removed from within the Self-Service Portal and is now listed as Unenrolled in the DTS Admin Console.

To unenroll via the Self-service Portal, first log in. Go to and enter sou in the Group ID field and your UtahID username (i.e., without and password. Then select Log In. Next, simply select Enterprise Wipe from the main login page. 

Unenroll via the Device

To unenroll directly from your device, take the following steps: 

  • For an iOS device: Go to Settings and select General > Device Management > Device Manager > Remove Management. Enter your device passcode, and then click Remove Management to confirm the removal.
  • For an Android device: Open the Hub application and select This Device > Enrollment > Unenroll device.

Unenroll via the Admin Console

Note: This option is only available for device administrators. 

From the Admin Console, select Enterprise Wipe.