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iOS Device Setup and Install Instructions for 1). Intelligent Hub (a.k.a. – AirWatch or Mobile Device Management or MDM) and 2). Gmail

If your device is enrolled in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), you do not need to complete the steps below for MDM installation and setup. MDM is already registered and the Intelligent Hub application will automatically install after a successful login to a DEP device.

Not sure whether your device is enrolled in DEP? Click here to find out more information about DEP.

1). Intelligent Hub (MDM) Installation and Setup

Note: Before you begin the MDM registration process, please make sure you have an Apple ID & have that Apple ID setup on your iOS device and make sure you device has been backed up ( backup instructions here).

Important: Depending on the version of your phone and iOS your screens may differ.

Locate the Apple App Store: and launch the app.

Apple App Store
    1. Select “Search” when the App Store opens:
      Apple App Store
    2. Search for Intelligent Hub and download.
      Search for Intelligent Hub
    3. Open the app:
      open Intelligent Hub
    4. Enter the Server Details.  In the server field, type: (select next) and then in the Group ID field, type: sou (select next).
      MDM server details
    5. In the Username field, type your Utah ID (User name only, leave out “”). Then in the Password field, type your current password. Then select Go:
      Utah ID for MDM
    6. Select the type of Ownership. Most common selection is: Corporate Owned.  Select the down arrow next to Select a device type and select your type. Again, the most common selection is Corporate – Dedicated. Then select Next.
      AirWatch device ownership
    7. Select Next.
      AirWatch redirect step
    8. Select AllowInstall, enter device Passcode (6 digit pin):

      Note: If on iOS 12.2 or later, you must manually navigate to the Settings app, locate and tap ‘Profile Downloaded’ and proceed with the following steps.AirWatch settings AirWatch profile AirWatch passcode

    9. Now select Install, Install, & Install:
      AirWatch profile install AirWatch profile install AirWatch profile install
    10. Now select Trust, then Done to install the enrollment profile. When prompted to open page in “Hub”, select Open:
      AirWatch remote management AirWatch remote management AirWatch remote management
    11. Select Done:
      AirWatch auth complete
    12. You may be prompted to allow “Hub” access to your location.  You can select from the following options: Only While Using the App, Always Allow and Don’t Allow.
      allow app and book assignment
    13.  Create a Passcode.  This is different than your device PIN and will be used when accessing MDM services only.  Your passcode should have at least (4) numbers, not be repeating/ascending/descending.  After creating your passcode, you will be prompted to re-enter to confirm.  Then select NextNote: Examples that WILL NOT work include 1234, 5678, 1111, 5599, abcd, defg and zyxv. Examples that WILL work include 1473, hdnc, 147d, 9i7y, auev.
      AirWatch create pin
    14. You may be prompted about giving the Hub application access to Allow or Disallow sending notifications. You may select either option based on your preference.
      allow Agent notifications
    15. Select I understand once you have read and agree to the data collection and Hub permissions.
      device enrollment status
    16. Select your preference for Data sharing.
      agent and app catalog app icons

Once you have reached this screen, the process for enrolling your device is complete:

agent and app catalog app icons

Furthermore – You can select This Device to check the status of your enrolled device

agent and app catalog app icons

Upon reaching your HOME screen, you will see the App Catalog installed automatically as well as the Hub application

agent and app catalog app icons

Managing your Device

From a computer, please log into the Device Self Service Portal to manage your own device. When you contact DTS for device support, DTS will assist you in accessing the Device Self Service Portal to manage your device. The Self Service Portal can be found here:

To gain access to the Self Service Portal, enter the Group ID (SOU) & your Username and Password. This will be the same as your UtahID account. Select Log In

AirWatch SSP

2). iOS Gmail Setup

You must have Mobile Device Management (MDM) installed (Step 1) prior to setting up Gmail on your device.

  1. Locate and Launch the Settings App.
    Apple settings app
  2. In the Settings, locate and select Passwords & Accounts.
    settings accounts and passwords
  3. Select Add Account.
    add account
  4. Select the Exchange option.
    select Exchange option
  5. Type in your FULL email address as well as your current UtahID password. Then select Next.
    enter Exchange credentials
  6. On this screen choose Configure Manually:
    configure Exchange manually
  7. On this screen type in your password (Utah ID) to verify your account and then select Next:
    enter Utah ID password
  8. Type in the Server field. You may need to type your FULL email address in the Email and Username field. When that is filled out, select NEXT.
    server configuration details
  9. After the exchange system processes the login, you have the ability to select which options you want to be synced with (you can leave the defaults).  Once you have finished selecting the various options, select Save:
    Exchange options
  10. You should now see the Exchange profile in your Passwords & Accounts page.
    Exchange account visible

    Specific settings for your email can be changed under the Mail option:

    Mail settings


Even though the device is ready for the State of Utah Gmail system, it can take up to 1 hour for the Mobile Device Management team to approve the device. You will receive an email on your work desktop/laptop when the device has been approved. Once the device is approved, you will need to reboot the device in order to start the sync process.

RSA SecurID Setup

To set up RSA SecurID on your mobile device, please see the “RSA SecurID Token Information” instructions.


If you have trouble with the registration process or issues with MDM on your device, please contact Help Desk Support.

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