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About DTS

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) is the information technology (IT) service provider for the executive branch of the State of Utah, offering state agencies a wide variety of services. The vision of DTS is to be a technology leader that delivers value and simplifies the lives of Utah residents. DTS, under the state’s chief information officer (CIO), has optimized all IT resources and services for the State of Utah into one division to improve accountability, reduce costs, increase services to taxpayers, and more closely align IT with State agencies’ needs.

The Department of Government Operations and Division of Technology Services core SEAT values include: Service, Engagement, Accountability, and Trust.


Customer Service
DGO provides support and solutions to help clients solve problems in an efficient, innovative, and “customer friendly” way.

Public Service
DGO members impact the quality of life of Utah’s citizens by helping its customer agencies fulfill their missions.

Peer-to-Peer Service
DGO fosters a climate of teamwork, collaboration, and interdependence and rejects the “it’s not my job” mentality.


Purpose and Meaning
DGO professionals understand how their work is aligned to organizational purpose and goals that produce public value.

DGO employees have the resources, information, and self-efficacy needed to make decisions about how their work gets done and problems get solved.

DGO creates a positive environment in which every person feels valued, respected, appreciated, and supported.


DGO continuously generates measurable, value-added results.

DGO provides clear expectations for what is required of employees to be successful in their work.

DGO employees receive coaching, regular feedback, recognition, and opportunities for professional development.


DGO champions transparency and psychological safety with open, two-way communication that invites differing perspectives.

DGO members hold themselves to the highest ethical standards, acting with integrity and honesty.

DGO maintains credibility with its stakeholders through competence, expertise, and the professionalism of its members.