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DTS Functions Plugin

This plugin adds many features to help harden WordPress including:

Download DTS Functions Plugin

  • Integrated header
  • Shortcode for generating the required Utah.Gov Links ‘ Home’ => ‘’, ‘ Terms of Use’ => ‘’, ‘ Privacy Policy’ => ‘’, ‘ Accessibility Policy’ => ‘’, ‘Translate’ => ‘’
    • [utah_gov_footer_links] *
    • [utah_gov_footer_links type="list"] {*=default}
    • [utah_gov_footer_links type="flat"]
    • [utah_gov_footer_links css_class="my-css-class"]
  • Catapult site information to DTS Catapult engine
  • Canary Page for determining if the site is working correctly
  • Provides an endpoint for determining software versions
  • Creates a user role called “Content Admin” that has the ability to edit any content related stuff, but not install plugins or do WordPress updates.
  • Disable comments globally. (posts and media)
  • Disables WordPress REST API for the following:
    • users:
    • comments:
  • Hide the admin bar from users who can’t edit
  • Redirect users who can’t edit to the homepage from wp-admin
  • Disable the auto password change email
  • Disable the auto email address change email
  • Disable the auto new user welcome email
  • Disable WordPress Emoji scripts.
  • Disallow direct PHP access to the Theme folder (option)
  • Disallow direct PHP access to the Plugins folder (option)
  • Disallow direct PHP access to wp-includes
  • Disallow direct PHP access to wp-content/uploads
  • Session cookies http only
  • Session cookies SSL only
  • Disallow directory indexes
  • Route error document to the built in WordPress error page
  • Disallow xmlrpc.php access
  • Disallow wp-config.php and htaccess access