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State Owned Android Device Enrollment Instructions

  • These instructions apply to State Owned device enrollments only. To enroll a device using the instructions below, please make sure the device is in a factory reset state.
  • Screenshots will vary depending on the model of phone and Android version.
    1. Power on your device, and on the welcome screen tap the display six times (in the same location) to start QR code enrollment.
      State Android Setup Screen
    2. Next, scan the QR code below. If your device is WiFi only and does not have an active cellular service, you will need to connect to a WiFi network first and then navigate back to the welcome screen to continue with scanning the QR code.

    1. Your device will then start the enrollment process. For enrollment instructions, follow the steps below.
    2. Select Next on this screen.
      State Android Setup Screen
    3. In the Username field, type your Utah ID (i.e., your username only, leaving out, and in the Password field, type your current password. Then select Next.
      Intelligent HUB settings Screenshot
    4. Select Corporate Owned and Corporate – Dedicated as the Ownership for this device. Select Next.
      State Android Setup Screenshot
    5. Select Accept & continue to finish setting up your work device.
      State Android Setup Screenshot
    6. Acknowledge the following screen by selecting Next.
      State Android Setup Screenshot
    7. Create a password for your device by selecting CREATE PASSCODE.
      State Android Setup Screenshot
    8. Select Done after choosing your lock screen settings.
    9. Select More or scroll down and select Accept after choosing what Google Services you wish to enable.
      State Android Setup Screenshot
    10. Acknowledge the following screen by selecting I accept.
      State Android Setup Screenshot
    11. Once you have reached this screen, you should be enrolled in MDM and ready to start using your device. Continue by swiping up on the screen to go Home.
      State Android Setup Screenshot

Android Gmail Setup

      1. Open the Google Play Store application.
        Google Play Store Image
      2. At the top-right click on the profile icon to open the menu
        Android Gmail Setup Screenshot
      3. Select the down arrow
        Android Gmail Setup Screenshot
      4. Select Add another account
      5. Sign in using your email address and select Accept
      6. Authenticate your login using Utahid
      7. After successfully logging into your account, the account will be added to your device and Google Workspace apps – including Gmail.

RSA SecurID Setup

To set up RSA SecurID on your mobile device, please see the
“RSA SecurID Token Information” instructions.


If you have trouble with the registration process, or issues with MDM on your device, please contact Help Desk Support.