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Date Approved

September 4, 2013

Review Date

September 7, 2016

Architecture Standards


Application Development

Document Revised: March 9, 2016

The process of developing software is often referred to as the software development life-cycle (SDLC). In developing software for the state of Utah, there are certain steps that must be included in every development process and some which remain optional depending on the size, scope, and criticality of the project. Some of these steps are standardized across the enterprise while others might remain at the discretion of the project manager and development team.

All seven SDLC phases must be addressed and incorporated in a consistent manner. Agencies and developers may make necessary adaptations based on the size and complexity of projects. Policy implementation may incorporate agency standards and guidelines that may be more stringent than the control points or phases identified in this SDLC.

Post Updated: August 20, 2019
Posted On: March 9, 2016