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Initiate an Investigation

Please provide as much information as you can on DTS Form 505 Security Investigation Request Form. This allows for the Security Analyst to start working on the investigation request immediately after signatures have approved the request.

Request Type

(Agency, DTS internal, Litigation Hold, and GRAMA) if you check Agency, make sure to put the agency name besides the checkbox.

If you are submitting a GRAMA Request, please send it to Stephanie Weiss at, DTS PIO and not DTS‑

Requestor Name, Email, Phone and *ELCID ‑ Security Analyst requires contact information to provide updates and for questions on investigation.

NOTE: *ELCID is requested in case we have to provide copies of hard drives, or other storage media, that is not within the security.


Type of information requested, such as e‑mail, web traffic logs, disk images, file directory listings, state phone records, etc.

Effective Dates

The date range for requested information and due date.

Subject Information

Information required on the subject being investigated.

Send Results To

If this person is different than the Requestor, please provide name and email address.


To provide any other information the Security Analyst will need to complete the investigation.


This provides the signatures to approve the Investigation request and to give the Security team permission to perform the actions needed to perform the investigation.

Please scan and send completed form with signatures to DTS‑

The Security Team will make sure to get the CIO, COO and CISO signatures.

It is important that each investigation request be signed by an appropriate business leader and, when appropriate, a Human Resources &40;HR) representative. Their signatures approve the request to move forward.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Requesting Agency to deliver the machine that is in question to the Security team. A Security Analyst will contact the Requestor to work out the details.