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DABC Analog Migration Project

DTS recently completed the project of migrating 26 Legacy Telrad telephone systems to a Telco Carrier provided analog solution.
Each store has been implemented with these features:
  • Consistent Main Menu greeting (Office hours and location verbiage, with a (2) option menu)
  • Standard 5 phone set configuration (additional phone sets provided per business need)
  • Phone-to-phone Paging and intercom (additional paging requirements provided per business need)
  • Speed dial and Directory capability
  • Caller ID (Inbound and Outbound calls)
  • Call mobility with Cordless handsets
  • Dedicated Fire and Security Alarm lines (identified and/or implemented for each location)

Additional to the consistent features for each location, billing audit and cleanup was completed for each location and site review information was gathered to identify existing equipment for the refresh, bandwidth and UPS projects.

This was a large project that was completed with aggressive timelines and everyone worked together to make it happen.  Much appreciation to the team of DTS, DABC and Vendor staff that made this possible.