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Monthly Server Administration Charge
Negotiated via SBA

DTS Consulting Charge
(as requested)
FY24 Rate by Tier: (negotiated via SBA)
Tier 1: $79.01/hr
Tier 2: $94.70/hr
Tier 3: $110.34/hr
Tier 4: $125.51/hr

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Call To Order: 801-538-3440 or 1-800-678-3440

Server Administration (Non-Executive Branch Agencies)

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) allows for non­executive branch agencies to negotiate with DTS for Server Administration services. Those services are offered through a Special Billing Agreement (SBA) with the agency requesting the service. The SBA can provide for the installation, deployment, maintenance and support of the operating system (OS) and the web and application server software, depending on the need of the non­executive agency making the request and the SBA that is put in place. While the customer is responsible for securing proprietary software and software maintenance, hardware, and hardware maintenance, the server administrator will work with the vendor’s support team to provide local support. Security revisions, version upgrades, and other services required for maintaining the safety and peak functionality of the server are performed by trained DTS system administrators.

The negotiated SBA rate will typically comprise the people costs associated with server administration and personal services and current expenses. It typically does not include hardware and software, which is the responsibility of the customer. However, an SBA can be negotiated to offer complete solutions to include hardware and software should the agency request it.

Product Features and Descriptions

Operating System Administration

Revisions and patches will be installed as directed and scheduled by the agency. Security patches will be applied as they become available.

Application Server Administration

Revisions and patches will be installed as directed and scheduled by the agency. Security patches will be applied as they become available.

Web Server Administration

Revisions and patches will be installed as directed and scheduled by the agency. Security patches will be applied as they become available.

Initial OS Installation

The Operating System will be installed per the direction of the agency.

Root/Administrator Access

System Administrators take full responsibility for the operational health of the server, as they maintain sole root/administrator access.

Application Deployment

Provide packaging and deployment infrastructure for user applications and desktop OS maintenance. Ensure that applications are packaged and deployed to agency on a timely basis using standardized and automated procedures.

General Functions and Duties

Monitoring of system performance, management of environment characteristics including:

  • load balancing
  • clustering
  • security
  • capacity planning
  • engineering solutions
  • deployment availability
  • requirements
  • day­to­day operations


Work with the customer to analyze, recommend, and implement solutions to improve the operational efficiency of applications in the server environment.

Additional Features Typically Not Included (But can included in SBA if requested)

Agency Application Support

Server Administration does not include application support for application functionality, fixes and modifications.

Equipment or Software Replacement

Upgrade cycles, software upgrade paths

Problem Resolution

Problem resolution does not typically include re­writes, fixes, or modifications to applications but can be negotiated in the SBA. It is not the responsibility of administrators to fix deficiencies inherent to the operating systems, other server support systems, or security patches approved by the customer for deployment or ordered by the customer to address security or system compatibility.

Ordering and Provisioning

An order form is available on the web site. Select Get A Service, then Hosting, and finally, select Hosting Services. Click the Order button. If you would like assistance, please contract the DTS Service Desk.

A System Administrator will contact the person designated in the order form to discuss the requirements. Once those services are defined, DTS Operations will work with the agency to bring the agency’s server through the Operations Acceptance Testing process. After that process is completed, DTS assumes operational responsibility for the components agreed to, and billing begins.

DTS Responsibilities

Understand the needs and requirements of the customer.

Promptly inform the customer of any outages or problems discovered.

Repair outages on a best effort basis and according to SLA agreements established and agreed upon with the customer and DTS.

Customer Responsibilities

Provide DTS with a written and signed description of the work to be performed with the expected date of completion (Statement of Work).

Provide DTS with the agency name, technical contact information, and the ELCID code to be used for billing purposes.

Submit all requests and problems through the DTS Service Desk or by contacting your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).