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Richfield Data Center Services

Hosting Services:
- Rack Space - Full Rack FY24 Rate: $936.85 Rack/Month
- Rack Space - Rack U FY24 Rate: $31.23 Rack U/Month

Network Services:
- Network Services FY24 Rate: $55.63 Device/Month
- Network Services - 10 GB FY23 Rate: $222.52 Connection/Month
- Network Iot FY24 Rate: $9.82 Connection/Month
- Network Services - Other State Agencies FY24 Rate: $64.08 Device/Month
- Misc Data Circuits FY23 Rate: Cost + 10%
- Security FY24 Rate: $44.85 Device/Month
- Other Network Services FY24 Rate: Cost + 10%

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Data Center Services

Richfield Data Center Services

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) provides physical, logical, and technical Data Center services in support of Executive Branch Agencies throughout the State of Utah. DTS operates a secondary data center in Richfield, Utah, supporting DTS products and services.

The Richfield Data Center (RDC) provides Executive Branch Agencies and other government entities, an off-site data center solution capable of meeting the challenges of planning and executing business objectives that include Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) and disaster recovery.

Product Features and Descriptions

Data Center Utilization

  • Currently housing over 100 physical and virtual servers as well as many storage and network devices.
  • Currently utilizing 60% capacity of the facility and 65% capacity of the available UPS power.


  • Facility
    • 11,977 sq. feet building with 6,296 sq. feet of machine room space
    • Conference room
    • Shared facility with Public Safety Dispatch Center
  • Security
    • Card key access
    • Multi-door access
    • Fenwal fire suppression
  • Power
    • 300 KVA UPS; 2 strings sealed cell batteries; failover PDUs
    • 900 kW diesel generator that is tested monthly
    • Up to 12,000 gallons of diesel fuel that will last over 4 weeks in continuous operations mode.
    • UPS battery units provide coverage during failover to generator power.

Secure Facilities

  • Staffed and operational 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • Multiple zones where physical security is controlled by electronic card key and motion detection recording NETBOTZ cameras throughout the center.
  • Enterprise Security working in partnership with Network Operations provides 24×7 threat monitoring and cyber incident response services.  
  • Threat monitoring objectives include rapid detection and response to cyber-attacks as well as monitoring social networking channels and websites known to be used by criminals.

Strategic Location

Distance from Salt Lake City/Wasatch Front (160 miles from SLC)

  • Located on Snow College Campus/Richfield Utah
  • Independent local infrastructure
  • Outside city/regional cataclysmic threats
  • Capable of expansion

Network Redundancy/Capabilities

  • Next Gen Perimeter Firewalls (Palo Alto); to mirror Salt Lake Data Center (SLDC)
  • Upgrading Hosting switches to match SLDC fault tolerance
  • Alternate ISP: UEN 1G connection with plans to upgrade to allow for higher bandwidth
  • 10G Ethernet to SLDC
  • CenturyLink MOE connections to most Geo-Hubs
  • Microwave backup to Salt Lake Valley
  • Future – Upgrading WAN core network gear to increase capacity and redundancy
  • Future – Proof-of-concept for Software Defined Network (SDN) in Richfield
  • Future – Researching and planning an alternate 10G circuit between Salt Lake and Richfield Data Centers providing carrier diversity

Domain Name Servers

Domain Name Servers (DNS) located in the RDC

  • DNS services available in the Richfield Data Center with “continuity” in case of a failure in the Salt Lake Data Center
  • Servers are Load Balanced for Active-Active recovery services

Power Requirements

  • Double redundant power with Rocky Mountain Power and on-site diesel generator
  • Redundant Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to distribute power for switches and servers
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to provide temporary power in case of commercial power failure
  • Battery strings extend UPS capacity
  • Diesel generators extend power for longer outages

Processing Capacity

  • IBM Mainframe – z10 (70 MSU dark site)
  • Floor space to house racks for colocation of servers
  • Virtual servers using VMware, rack-mounted servers and blade
    servers for shared and dedicated hosting
  • Multiple Operating Systems
    • MS Windows
    • Linux
    • z/OS


  • 1 Processor (142 MIPS) and 2 CBUs (284 MIPS)
  • Total 426 MIPS available in emergency
  • z/OS 2.x
  • Total Memory 8GB
  • 3 GB memory allocated to Production
  • 3 GB memory allocated to Development
  • 1.25 GB memory allocated to Test LPAR
  • 1.75 GB memory allocated to Linux Processor, CF, Systems
  • IBM agreement for 1st available hardware

Mainframe Storage

  • EMC VMAX 40K
  • One 48GB Engine with Encryption
  • 10TB Useable (48 x 300GB 15K SAS, RAID 5 (3+1) plus 8 spares)
  • 4 x 8GB FICON Ports
  • 4 x 10GB Ports (Replication)

Mainframe Tape Storage  (Reaching End-of-Life)

  • STK 8500 Tape Library
  • Supports MF Batch Processing, DFHSM
  • Attached to ESCON for MF and FC for OS
  • 5000 Volumes/3,495 Volumes Used
  • 40GB uncompressed tapes and 200GB compressed tapes
  • 4/9840C MF drives
  • 6/T10000C OS drives dedicated to Backup and Recovery
  • 32 MF drives and 32 OS drives can be by the tape library
  • Future – Moving to Digital Tape Library (DTL) solution from EMC to replace Hitachi Tape Library at primary SLC and full backup system in Richfield


Database Capabilities

  • Oracle Prod/AT/Dev
    • VM Cluster with three blades
  • SQL Server 2014
    • Replication (Log Shipping)
  • Mainframe DB2 Disaster Testing only (Annually: September)
  • Oracle Exports Copied from SLC to Richfield (Daily)
  • SQL Server backups copied from SLC to Richfield (Daily)
  • Fully Licensed on all DBs

Backup and Restore Services

  • Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
  • Oracle STK 8500 Tape Library
  • Rubrik
  • Hitachi HCP
  • Nimble Storage

Backup and Restore Capabilities*

  • Automated backup
  • Daily differentials
  • Instant recovery

*Note: Subscribers may request these services for servers, applications and databases located in the SLDC. Subscription data is transferred daily via an encrypted path to the Richfield Data Center.


  • UtahID
    • Directory services available in the Richfield Data Center with “continuity” in case of a directory failure in the Salt Lake Data Center.
    • Servers are Load Balanced for Active-Active recovery services
  • Active Directory
    • Directory services available in the Richfield Data Center with “continuity” in case of a directory failure in the Salt Lake Data Center.
    • Servers are Load Balanced for Active-Active recovery services
  • Single Sign-On (SiteMinder)
    • DTS is replacing SiteMinder with a new single sign-on solution; implementation is scheduled FY2018.
    • Enterprise SSO solution is replicated from Salt Lake Data Center.
    • Servers are Load Balanced for Active-Active recovery services

Features Not Included

Refer to DTS Product Descriptions to review product information and features.

Ordering and Provisioning

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DTS Responsibilities

Provide the services identified above

Customer Responsibilities

Contact DTS to review Business Continuity plans, Disaster Recovery initiatives and other services.