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FY24 Rates:
Tier 1: $79.01/hr
Tier 2: $94.70/hr
Tier 3: $110.34/hr
Tier 4: $125.51/hr
Master Engineer / Consultant / Specialized Skillset: SBA

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Project Management

This product encompasses the full range of project management activities, including establishing the project context, planning the project, and managing the project through deployment to an operational state. The Project Manager functions as an agent of the customer to plan, schedule, acquire resources, ensure issue resolution, mitigate risks, and manage the project for the customer until the goals and objectives of the project as documented in the project scope have been successfully met.

Customers can utilize our services in a variety of ways. End-to-end project management, project auditing, project manager mentoring, and general project consulting are some of the ways customers can benefit from this offering.

The Project Management Office (PMO) will work with individual customers to tailor project management solutions to meet your individual needs.

Product Features and Descriptions

Project Management

We have significant expertise in managing a variety of technology-based projects. We facilitate the integration of various IT disciplines into a project team to deliver projects on time within budget, and which meet the scope objectives of the client.

Project Auditing

Customers who have internal project managers may contact us to review and provide suggestion to help improve their project management processes.

Project Management Mentoring

In this relationship, the PMO Project Manager works with the customer’s Project Manager on either a full or a part time basis to deliver a completed project to the customer. The PMO Project Manager can lead the effort while ensuring the customer’s Project Manager is learning the necessary tools and skills to be successful. He/She can also review the activities of the customer’s Project Manager and assist in these activities while the customer’s Project Manager leads the effort. Other options are possible depending on the needs of the customer.

Project Consulting

The PMO Project Manager may be brought into a customer’s project at any time to consult, complete tasks, or otherwise assist in the project.

Features Not Included

Business Analysis

Excluded unless explicitly included in the Project Proposal.

User training and training materials

Excluded unless explicitly included in the Project Proposal.

Ordering and Provisioning

An organization may engage the Project Management Office for service in several ways: contact the agency directly (6th floor, State Office Bldg.), through the DTS Agency Services IT Director, or through our project manager request form. Our team will help clarify the request and engage other resources as necessary (Business Analysis, Solutions Delivery, Engineering, etc.). We provide written project proposals and cost estimates.

DTS Responsibilities

DTS will assist customers in capturing requirements in the form of a Project Plan or Statement of Work document. This is done at a cost to the customer. Once approved, DTS is accountable for the delivery of the features and functionality described within the agreed time and for the agreed cost.

Agency Responsibilities

Agencies will supply the necessary information and resources for participation in the project in a manner that allows the project to stay on deadline and within budget.