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Based on Statement of Work (SOW)
FY 24 Rate: Cost Plus 10%

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Official State of Utah Checks
Material + $0.0429/page + FY 24 $0.0269/image base charge ("High Speed Laser Print" item on rate sheet)

Perforated Pages
Official State of Utah forms with perforated pages
Material + $0.0288/page + FY 24 $0.0269/image base charge ("High Speed Laser Print" item on rate sheet)

Medicaid Cards
Material + $0.0783/page + FY 24 $0.0269/image base charge ("High Speed Laser Print" item on rate sheet)

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Call To Order: (801) 538-­3748

Other Print Services

These services include:

  • Print Form Design
  • Print Enhancements
  • Automated Report Distribution
  • Automated Production Control

Product Features and Descriptions

Print Form Design

Using a product called “Elixir”, DTS can format a variety of outputs including:

  • Checks
  • Deposit slips
  • 1099’s
  • W2’s
  • Letters
  • Letterhead
  • Signatures
  • Logos
  • Specialty fonts

DTS maintains approximately 200 form styles for other agencies.

Print Enhancements

  • Combine documents form multiple applications.
  • Add bar codes and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) marks for State Mail’s finishing equipment to merge multiple page documents into one envelope.
  • Quickly change forms without wasting form paper inventories.

Automated Report Distribution

  • By using ControlD, DTS can help automate your report delivery and distribution process across a large decentralized organization.
  • Eliminates report reruns and reduces printing and paper costs.
  • Error-free automatic report distribution.
  • Improves timely distribution of information from an application.

Automated Production Control

  • By using “ControlM”, DTS provides comprehensive scheduling and production control for multiple applications and platforms across multiple data centers.
  • Reduces manual intervention and human error by streamlining production flow.
  • Provides simplified, featurerich capabilities such as management by color and management by exception.
  • Provides real time Internet-based administration.

Ordering and Provisioning

Any government agency interested in purchasing High Speed Laser Printing services can contact the DTS Service Desk. Direct line to DTS print is (801) 538-3748.

DTS Responsibilities

Purchase and maintain all hardware and software used to support these services.

Consult with agency to provide a quotation based on the work that is required to meet the agency’s goals.

Agency Responsibilities

If problems are encountered in ordering or receiving printing services, contact your DTS Service Desk to log a problem ticket.

Work with DTS on testing prior to any production printing.