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Network Planners review agency requirements and provide detailed customer costs for hardware, software, and installation. Costs are dependent upon customer needs, location of services, and transport carrier. A Special Billing Agreement (SBA) is utilized to define specific services required.
Special Billing Agreement (SBA)

Non-state agencies will be billed the monthly cost of the circuit, plus an 8% overhead fee to cover the infrastructure, services, and other indirect costs of maintaining the WAN.
Special Billing Agreement (SBA)

User/Device Fees

Up to and including 50 devices
$6.00/device; minimum of $60.00 per month per location.

Greater than 50 devices

Single T1 Connection
$300 plus $1.00/device over 50

Two T1 Connections
$300 plus $1.50/device over 50

Qwest QMOE Services
$300 plus $2.00/device over 50

Order Product/Service

Call To Order: To inquire or order WAN services, please contact the DTS Customer Service Center by calling 801-538-3440 or 1-800-678-3440.

Related Products/Services

Firewall Request

Network Services for Non-State Agencies

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) operates a Wide Area Network (WAN) for all State of Utah Executive Branch agencies. DTS also provides WAN services for other State and non-State government entities (cities and counties). The State WAN provides gateway services to the public Internet and functions as a private fault tolerant network, connecting facilities in geographic locations statewide.

DTS will place and install all hardware, software, and facilities necessary to connect a non-State agency to the State WAN. Network Services include IP addressing, Domain Name System (DNS), Internet access, Web content filtering, security products (firewalls), virtual private network (VPN) termination and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and the necessary tools and staff to support these services. Services are provided in a bundled product offering (see product features below).

DTS operates on a cost recovery basis and is therefore unable to quote one price that applies to all potential customers. Variables such as geographic location and transport requirements affect customer connectivity costs; connectivity costs are different for every customer.

Product Features and Descriptions

Wide Area Network

High availability to multiple locations.

Fault tolerant network with redundant paths from data centers to geographic hubs; these diverse paths are provided by the DTS network microwave services.

Specific infrastructure information may be obtained from the DTS Communications Planning Group.

General Functions and Duties

This product provides for network consulting, planning, and engineering. Services include the deployment of network products, operational support of network products, network tuning, and network diagramming; however, services do not include the acquisition or maintenance cost of other network based multi-media products.


Network utilization monitoring and bandwidth management.

Last mile connection from remote facilities to geographic hubs.

Wide Area Network Security

Firewall services between the Internet and the State WAN.

Backbone intrusion monitoring and management.

Access Control Lists (ACLs) for local LAN segments, where technically feasible. Note: Logging ACLs on router access lists is not provided to customers.

Packet screening to prevent IP spoofing from external networks.

IP Addressing

Manage address blocks.

Manage subnets, VLANs, and public/private IP assignments.

DNS Service

Manage host, MX, alias, and PTR records.

Host newly registered DNS domains and manage DNS records.

Delegate sub-domains per agency request.

Manage changes to DNS entries.

Provide instructions for registering new DNS names.

Internet Access

Content filtering, which blocks inappropriate or unauthorized access.

Redundant access paths.

Customer-specific filtering is available on request and requires customer identification through the State authoritative directory: UtahID. To request UtahID access, please use the following URL:  (select: register here).

VPN Sessions

DTS will provide secure VPN access into the State network from the Internet; pre-authorization is required. See VPN product information.

Network Operations and Monitoring

DTS Network Operations is a 24×7 service. Customers may contact the DTS Customer Service Center to report network problems by calling 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.

Other Features

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security services are available upon request. Please refer to Enterprise Services on the DTS web site.

Features Not Included

Agency-Specific Solutions

DTS will assess and engineer appropriate network bandwidth by working with agency requirements.

DTS can provide unique WAN services, at an additional negotiated cost, if it is beyond a reasonable expectation.

Acquisition and/or maintenance costs of network based multi-media products (see Product Features: General Functions and Duties).

ACL logging is not provided to customers (see Product Features: WAN Security).


Google provides state email enterprise services for Executive Branch agencies. Non-state entities may take advantage of the State contract and be supported directly by the provider.

Ordering and Provisioning

To inquire or order WAN services, please contact the DTS Customer Service Center by calling 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.

DTS Responsibilities

  • Provide network maintenance to the customer’s demarcation point.
  • Coordinate and notify customers of planned maintenance and outages.
  • Assess and engineer appropriate network bandwidth by working with the customer’s business requirements.
  • Maintain the integrity and security of the State WAN and Local Area Networks by shutting down ports that have been penetrated, or otherwise violate network security policies.
  • Conduct periodic device count audits, in accordance with the network device definition and published guidelines.
  • Conduct periodic Special Billing Agreement audits and update agreements as applicable.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Contact the DTS Customer Service Center to report network problems by calling 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.
  • Comply with State acceptable use policies:
  • Provide DTS router access lists.
  • Consult the assigned Network Planner when planning facility moves.
  • Pay for equipment installed by DTS and the replacement costs of any equipment that becomes obsolete. The equipment will remain under the ownership and management of DTS.
  • Notify the assigned Network Planner when planning to deploy applications that might affect network traffic.
  • Provide adequate space, power, cooling, etc. for State network equipment at each customer facility.
  • Provide physical security in facility locations that house State network equipment.
  • Provide the DTS assigned Network Planner a local contact at each facility that is capable of assisting with troubleshooting the customer’s WAN connection.
  • Comply with State security policies and standards; and adhere to additional network policies and standards as drafted and approved by DTS (see: DTS Policies and Procedures).
  • Adhere to State Acceptable Use Policy:
  • Prohibit open “rogue” Access Points in the network.
  • Coordinate extended network services to additional facilities with DTS WAN Planner.