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Video Unit, Camera, Remote, and Speakers.

Cost – Customer will purchase direct from the vendor.

Connection Install Fees

Fees for installing additional bandwidth to accommodate video services are billed as a one-time charge on the special billing agreement (SBA).


Connection Usage Fees

The video unit requires a connection to the microwave network and is accomplished via a T1 circuit and a portion of a microwave circuit. The charges are billed through the SBA monthly.


Equipment maintenance

Maintenance is recommended on all video equipment to expedite service repair and equipment failure.

Vendor Rates

Bridging Rate

The bridge is required if more than two sites are going to communicate (depending on the capabilities of the purchased video equipment).


Order Product/Service

Call To Order: All telephone service requests must be in writing. Please contact your Network Solution Engineer or the DTS Help Desk at 801-538-3440 or 1-800-678-3440

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing provides real-time, face-to-face communications with partners, clients, contractors and employees over a broadband network eliminating the need for travel.

Video Conferencing allows two or more locations to interact over the State data network. This can be as simple as a conversation between two people in private offices (point-to-point) or as complex as multiple sites (multi-point) each with more than one person situated in large rooms.

Bridging services allow video conferencing to connect to multiple sites. This service is provided by the Utah Education Network (UEN). DTS has contracted with UEN to utilize existing Multiple Control Unit (bridging) resources, and existing UEN backbone connection where feasible. Customer agencies must comply with UEN requirements in order to use these services; see Ordering/Provisioning below.

Features and Descriptions

Video Conferencing Network

DTS utilizes its Wide Area Network services to provide video conferencing services throughout the State; services include policy based routing to ensure bandwidth and high reliability.

Bridging Capabilities

Multi-site meeting services provided by UEN. See UEN bridging services below.

Remote Management/Support and Service

Remote management/support services provided by UEN; Sites must be certified by UEN for support. See Customer Certification below.

Panoramic View

Clear picture, able to see all participants within the room.

Features Not Currently Supported by DTS

Desktop Video

Desktop Video uses the PC to carry the video.

Ordering and Provisioning

New Installations

Installing video equipment at a new or additional site requires the expertise and coordination of DTS Network Engineering, CenturyLink, and video conferencing equipment vendors on contract.

To install video equipment at a new or additional site:

  1. Contact DTS Network Engineering for equipment consultation and projected costs of installation and monthly service.
  2. Agree to and sign a special billing agreement for monthly connectivity and maintenance service.
  3. Upon advisement from DTS Network Engineering, place order for equipment with the vendor on contract. Inform DTS of expected delivery date of equipment so installation of equipment and circuits may be coordinated.
  4. DTS will coordinate the installation of the network facilities and video room equipment with the equipment provider and the agency.
  5. The equipment provider will install the equipment and train the agency on the use of the video room equipment.
  6. Contact DTS Network Engineering for equipment consultation and projected costs of installation and monthly service.
  7. The equipment provider will install the equipment and train the agency on the use of the video room equipment.


Bridging Services

A bridge is required for video conferences with more than two end points. Bridging services are provided by the Utah Education Network (UEN).

The Utah Education Network (UEN) and the Division of Technology Services (DTS) agree to partner on interactive video conferencing services and support (IVC) for State agencies currently utilizing DTS network services.

UEN Room Certification & Standards

For new installations, DTS agrees to work with UEN to ensure standards-based equipment and codec specifications for DTS customers. UEN and DTS will work together on best efforts to support existing legacy end-points. DTS agrees to use current UEN process certification standards in registering and certifying any new locations for services; UEN will have the final determination in certifying a DTS customer for all IVC events supported under the UEN/DTS agreement (see UEN/DTS SBA/MOU).

Room Certification Process, Policy and Checklist (see below)

Bridging Service Scheduling

Certified video conferencing customers or agencies may schedule a video conferencing bridge through DTS by contacting the DTS Help Desk at 801-538-3440.

Agency customers acknowledge that UEN bridging resources must go towards providing support to educational network events as a first priority.

UEN Video Services:

  • Tier 1 response for all IVC system problems, diagnosis, troubleshooting, immediate resolution, escalation of end point devices/equipment and network equipment
  • End site equipment testing, certification, and registration
  • Real time monitoring and auditing of all events
  • Public and private entity support
  • IVC event streaming services for live and archived web streaming
  • Tier 2 engineer support
    • End to End IVC infrastructure support and maintenance
    • Tier 1 escalation and resolution support
    • Advanced problem resolution
    • New product development
    • Engineering support to all stakeholders

Agency customers will contact the DTS Service Desk for first point of contact in problem resolution.

UEN Network Operations Center (NOC) Monitoring and Support

The UEN NOC will monitor and assist in any network troubleshooting and resolution to any DTS client locations where possible. DTS acknowledges that the UEN NOC resources must go towards providing support to educational network operations as the UEN NOC’s first priority. The UEN NOC agrees to monitor the network performance to the extent of its capability and assist DTS when problems arise.

DTS Service Desk



UEN Video Technical Services Support Center (TSSC)


DTS Responsibilities

  • Provide recommendations for video equipment compatible with the network and supported by contracted vendors.
  • Administer the special billing agreement with customer agency.
  • Provide network connectivity in support of video conferencing services.
  • Initiate testing of network connectivity in the event of video conferencing failure.
  • Coordinate testing/trouble-shooting with UEN and applicable vendor services.

Agency Responsibilities

  • Consult with DTS Network Engineering on equipment compatibility and network readiness prior to equipment purchase and / or installation.
  • Provide ELCID for billing of services (Special Billing Agreement).
  • Enter into a Special Billing Agreement with DTS that defines the requested video services and any associated fees to provide the required network services to support the agency’s business requirements.
  • Purchase equipment from the vendor on contract in coordination with DTS Network Engineering.
  • Purchase vendor equipment maintenance on video conferencing equipment.  
  • Certify video equipment and connectivity with UEN; DTS will assist in the certification process (see below).

One-Time Charges

DTS will install all hardware, software, and facilities necessary to connect the agency customer’s video conferencing equipment to the State WAN.

The customer agency is responsible to purchase video conferencing equipment through State contracts. Customer agencies are encouraged to consult with DTS Network Planners to identify the appropriate equipment to meet their business objectives.