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International Long Distance Usage - Cost Plus 10%

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International Long Distance (LD)

International Long Distance services allow State employees to place international calls.

Product Features and Descriptions

International Long Distance Access

Authorized access to place international calls.

Ordering and Provisioning

All telephone service requests must be in writing. Please submit management approved requests through the General Telecom Order Form for Phone Services on the DTS web site.

DTS will submit an order request on the behalf of the customer to the vendor under contract. DTS will also ensure the order is filled to customer specifications and in a timely manner.

Agency Responsibilities

Subscribers may make long distance telephone calls from any telephone that does not restrict long distance calling. The charges are billed to the telephone number where the call was made, unless the caller makes a collect call or bills to a credit card or third party.

Please review billing of services monthly to ensure accuracy. Discrepancies should be discussed with DTS Accounting within the fiscal year in order for adjustments to be approved and processed.

Consult with agency assigned DTS Voice Solution Engineer for service options and features.