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Application Design/Requirements Assessment

Meeting with clients; inventorying business requirements; developing use cases, user stories, and work flow.

FY23 Rate
Tier 1: $67.19/hr
Tier 2: $77.84/hr
Tier 3: $81.97/hr
Tier 4: $94.64/hr
Tier 5: $95.21/hr
Tier 6: $106.18/hr
Tier 7: $107.82/hr
Tier 8: $121.05/hr

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GIS Mapping Web Applications

UGRC offers requirements analysis, design, development, and hosting of geospatial web-mapping applications and geospatial web services. The development framework currently used is ASP .NET MVC and the predominant programming language used is C# and JavaScript.

Product Features and Descriptions

Development Environment

UGRC utilizes C# and the ASP.NET MVC framework, JavaScript with Dojo and JQuery

Hosting Environment

Windows based using IIS 7.0

Features Not Included

Database Design

Often the web-based applications require or would perform better with a database redesign. This is covered in product number 6011.06.14

Ordering and Provisioning

Contact Matt Peters

DTS Responsibilities

  • Provide the geospatial system infrastructure for application development and hosting of the application as per agreement with client.

Agency Responsibilities

  • Provide agency requirements and business rules for the application in development of the scope of work.
  • Provide appropriate resources to provide feedback and respond to questions in the development process.
  • Train users of the application.