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ArcGIS Desktop Customization

Design, development and testing

FY24 Rates:
Tier 1: $79.01/hr
Tier 2: $94.70/hr
Tier 3: $110.34/hr
Tier 4: $125.51/hr
Master Engineer / Consultant / Specialized Skillset: SBA

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Call To Order: (801) 538-3665

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GIS Analysis and Customization

UGRC provides custom design and development of ArcGIS Desktop based applications and tools for agencies to enhance their geospatial work flow and capabilities.

Product Features and Descriptions

Desktop Applications

UGRC can develop desktop customizations to automate tasks and processes within the ArcGIS ArcMap Desktop environment. ArcMap customizations are generally written as “addins” or as custom geoprocessing models or scripts with C# .NET or Python utilizing the esri ArcPy library.

Software Licensing

The agency is responsible to purchase any needed software. UGRC can advise the agency on what is needed.

Ordering and Provisioning

Contact Matt Peters,

DTS Responsibilities

Provide advanced level of expertise with the UGRC GIS software and desktop application development.

Agency Responsibilities

Have or purchase current ArcGIS software on windows OS or emulation that is appropriately configured.