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Mainframe Disk

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Mainframe Disk Storage

DTS owns and maintains Mainframe Disk Storage environments at the State’s Salt Lake and Richfield data centers. This storage is for State agencies and other government entities requiring high availability, reliability, high speed access, and the ability to handle large amounts of I/O for their critical business data.

Mainframe Disk Storage is allocated by the customer agency using standard mainframe methods and practices.  Storage Allocation is automatically managed through Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS) using Automatic Class Selection (ACS) routines customized by DTS mainframe administrators to meet individual agency needs.  

Billing is based on allocation size, duration on the storage media, and data set name.  

Product Features and Descriptions

Data Management

Automated data management for data allocation placement.

Data Availability

High availability automated data management using DFSMS HSM migration and backup/restore processes.

Data Safety

Redundant, fault-tolerant hardware and RAID protection provide high availability for high-profile applications.

Data Migration

Automated compression and migration of datasets to secondary disk (Migrate Level 1) and to tape (Migrate Level 2).

Physically Safe

A secure, climate-controlled environment.


24×7 monitoring.

Reliable Power

Reliable uninterruptible power with UPS, battery, and generator backup.

Storage Administration

Technical support for dataset creation, storage related mainframe task problems including JOB ABENDs and JCL errors, data management, storage classification/allocation, and training.

Offsite Redundancy

All data is customer data. Pools are replicated offsite to Richfield Data Center


Storage equipment resides in a Level 3 data center with multi-level security access. Access to actual data is controlled by RACF data security software

Data Recovery

DTS provides data recovery services and support.


Data reclamation services are provided.

Features Not Included

Data Resumption (business resumption) storage service

This service is available but sold separately.

Application Data Backup

This is the responsibility of the customer.

Ordering and Provisioning

For existing mainframe applications:

  1. Standard DTS mainframe disk storage services can be accessed via mainframe batch jobs, TSO and FTP processes.  Charges are allocated by data set name and are based on MB stored per month.  
  2. Service and billing begins at data allocation to the disk storage.

For new mainframe applications:

Any government agency interested in purchasing mainframe storage should contact their DTS IT Director or Campus Manager.

The provisioning process includes these steps:

  1. The customer agency contacts their DTS IT Director or Campus Manager.
  2. The DTS IT Director or Campus Manager works with the agency to enter a Service Request for the product.
  3. The DTS IT Director or Campus Manager works with the storage and mainframe administrator and arranges for a needs assessment meeting between the customer agency and DTS if needed.  In this meeting the amount of storage, time frames for completion, and other parameters for the project are established.
  4. The customer agency provides approval to DTS to provision the required storage space.  
  5. DTS storage and mainframe administrators provision the required disk space. If there is a need for additional SAN storage, the mainframe administrators will request additional storage allocation from the Enterprise Storage team
  6. The Agency works with DTS to establish data set naming conventions and billing ELCIDs.
  7. Service and billing begins.

If you would like assistance, please contact the DTS Service Desk.  

DTS Responsibilities

All storage hardware is maintained by DTS with full support by the hardware vendor.

DTS provides 24×7 monitoring of the storage environment.

DTS/Agency Responsibilities

Backup of application data.