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DTS Consulting Charge

FY24 Rates:
Tier 1: $79.01/hr
Tier 2: $94.70/hr
Tier 3: $110.34/hr
Tier 4: $125.51/hr
Master Engineer / Consultant / Specialized Skillset: SBA

Special Billing Agreement for clearly defined statement of work.

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Database Consulting

Currently, DTS provides database hosting environments for Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server, which are shared across the enterprise. DTS employs a group of database administrators whose primary task is to support and maintain these environments. Skills developed through certification and years of experience are available to our customers on a consulting basis. This could include building database servers, problem diagnosis, design and best practices, and upgrades. The individuals who are a part of this database group maintain knowledge, skills and experience in the various databases that are supported by DTS. Customers with a need for additional support and maintenance for tasks outside of the regular product offerings may enter a special billing agreement with DTS for Database Consulting. Although this is not a regularly offered consulting service, like Application Development or Web Design, it is available when it is requested.

Product Features and Descriptions

Database Consulting Services available on time and materials basis.

  • Extended hours support of user requests for data loads, table and index creation, recovery of tablespaces and indexes, major upgrades, and other user requested after hours tasks.
  • Assistance with off site recovery procedures and testing.
  • Assistance with application specific diagnostics.
  • Assistance with data propagation to other platforms.
  • Building database servers
  • Setup and best practices
  • Backup and Recovery implementation

Application Development

  • Application Programming Services are available through another DTS product offering and are not included in this product offering.

Features Not Included

  • N/A

Ordering and Provisioning

Ordering the Product

Any State agency interested in procuring additional database services, not covered by the database product offerings can contact their assigned DTS IT Director. The IT Director will work with the Database Manager to secure a satisfactory agreement which will include billing arrangements and service level agreements.

DTS Responsibilities

  • Provide trained DBA Skills appropriate for the consulting assignment
  • Consulting Service by either “Onsite” or “Offsite”
  • Work with customer to define statement of work
  • Make available status and progress of assignment to management
  • Comply with customer’s security policies

Agency Responsibilities

  • Provide connectivity to servers for “Onsite” and “Offsite” work as the need dictates. This includes firewall rules and Agency wireless or network connections.
  • The need for HL7 & HIPAA compliance will be determined by the Agency.  
  • Costs associated with HIPAA and HL7 compliance are the responsibility of the Agency owner of the database. This includes safe keeping of financial data and electronic commerce transactions.
  • Agency will pay the approved rate for DBA Consulting services or Special Billing agreement.