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Special Billing Agreement (SBA)
A Special Billing Agreement (SBA) will be drafted by DTS for the customer agency. The SBA will include all costs associated with the agencies’ preferences and business objectives.

Order Product/Service

Call To Order: All telephone service requests must be in writing. Please contact your Voice Solution Engineer or the DTS Help Desk at 801-538-3440 or 1-800-678-3440

Call Management System (CMS)

For years, the Division of Technology Services (DTS) has offered Executive Branch Agencies a Centralized Call Management System (CCMS). This application is designed to assist agencies in the management of call-center activities through efficient call-routing to skill-based agents; and, the collection of call activity data for monitoring and analyzing performance. Contact Center Specialists have access to real-time and historical reports to assist in managing resources and customer calls. The system analyzes trends, establishes performance benchmarks and assists the planning of customer service initiatives.

DTS has announced that the Avaya CMS platform will be decommissioned June 30, 2018, and will no longer be supported by DTS. Customers should contact their Voice Solutions Engineer to discuss/develop a migration plan to the new DTS supported platform.

DTS has recently implemented a new Customer Interaction Center (CIC) platform for managing call-center activities. Through the competitive bid process, DTS awarded Interactive Intelligence Inc. a contract to provide CIC solutions. This solution allows a contact center to take a highly personalized, all-in-one approach to customer care.

The CIC is located at the State Office Building; it is monitored and maintained by DTS PBX maintenance personnel.

Product Features and Descriptions

Manage Call-flow

Manage and blend inbound/outbound multi-channel interactions, and give customers their choice of contact options – voice, email, fax and chat, as well as Short Message Service (SMS), business objectives, and social media.


Automate multimedia queuing and routing processes to quickly connect customers with a knowledgeable agent.

Agent Training/Monitoring

Improve agent training, and agent performance.

Service Levels

Elevate service levels and customer satisfaction with real-time monitoring and full-time operational visibility; metrics provide accuracy in forecasting and scheduling.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications with IP solutions.

Report Management via Standard Reports

CIC provides real-time and historical management reports and extensive historical data storage capabilities.

Real-Time Views

Quickly pinpoint problems across the entire operation; helps to reach resolutions in real-time.

High Availability

The High Availability (HA) system provides a fully redundant backup CIC.

Instant Alerts/Threshold

The CMS Supervisor has a threshold alerting function that instantly notifies users of important developments in the contact center.

Features Not Included

Customized Reports

Custom reporting is an optional feature. Customers may review options and costs with DTS and the vendor.

Ordering and Provisioning

Contact the DTS Customer Support Center, 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440, and request a DTS Voice Solution Engineer contact you with information on ordering/planning the CIC service.

DTS ININ Responsibilities

  1. Provides each CIC Customer/Agency with a partitioned environment for CIC services, seven (7) days per week, twenty-four (24) hours per day excluding scheduled downtime.
  2. Provides timely responses to all service requests. (See General Service Levels and Metrics at the end of this document)
  3. Schedules and coordinates routine maintenance to be performed during specified Customer/Agency maintenance windows. For situations where scheduled downtime is needed outside the Business Day on weekdays, DTS agrees to notify the CIC contacts directly rather than rely on the Change Management Meeting to make these arrangements. The approved downtime window for ALL agencies is Saturdays between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. for CIC maintenance, i.e., system reboot. Any other downtime, i.e., emergency maintenance or repair must be scheduled as a Change Management Request for Emergency Break-fix.
  4. Notifies the Customer/Agency CIC representative of scheduled downtime identified in the DTS weekly Change Management Meeting. DTS will also make “a best effort” to notify CIC representative directly, but notification through standard Change Management meeting communication methods will be considered as proper notification for all scheduled downtime.
  5. Provides maintenance support and problem resolution coverage as defined. (See General Service Levels and Metrics at the end of this document)
  6. Provides authorized personnel as identified with an Interaction Administrator License the ability to program, manage, utilize, and maintain Users and Workgroups.
  7. Updates DTS’ inventory and billing database (ARIES) with order information issued by the Customer/Agency’s authorized personnel.
  8. Reconciles any billing discrepancies with Customer/Agency and processes credits for any overbilling, based upon the appropriate documentation. (See the ININ SBA for additional billing methodology.)
  9. Takes reasonable precautions to protect Customer/Agency’s CIC data against unauthorized access.
  10. Maintains a twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week point-of-contact for Customer/Agency to report failures.
  11. DTS will be responsible for all (ININ) payments to vendor(s) required to provide the services described in this Product Description that pertain to the core. To recover these core costs from the agencies, DTS will draft a Special Billing Agreement to identify costs. DTS will pay the vendor(s) for all other expenses specific to agencies and will bill such costs back directly to the agency.

For Avaya customers, DTS will be responsible for all payments to vendor(s) required to provide the services described in this Product Description.

  1. Will coordinate vendor/customer forums.

Customer/Agency Responsibilities

  1. Submits a written request to DTS for all changes that directly affect billing for CIC service.
  2. Submits all service requests via the online service order form: visit the DTS web site at (select the General Telecom Order Form) or call the Help Desk at 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.

Customer may contact the agency assigned DTS Voice Solutions Engineer for options; or,  new requests for ININ features and functionality may be requested through the ININ Project Manager.

  1. Reports all interruptions of service and/or service problems through the DTS Help Desk at 801-538-3440 or 800-678-3440.
  2. Agrees to pay for costs incurred to resolve any failures caused by Customer/Agency personnel.
  3. Provides DTS a list of authorized Customer/Agency representatives who should be contacted for scheduled downtimes and/or status of failures on the CIC.
  4. Pays the costs described in the SBA for these services.
  5. ININ customers may add, change and/or remove an agent; agencies can do this through their Interaction Administrator or through an order to Voice Operations.

Avaya customers needing to add, change and/or remove an agent, agencies must go through the normal order process or they may work through their designated Voice Solution Engineer.  Under no circumstance should additions, changes and/or deletions be made without an order. 

  1. Please review billing of services monthly to ensure accuracy. Discrepancies should be discussed with DTS Accounting within the fiscal year in order for adjustments to be approved and processed. 

Consult the agency assigned DTS Voice Solution Engineer (VSE) as necessary for CIC application requests and modifications.