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Dedicated Server Environment
(both Virtual and Physical)
FY17: SBA ($81.06 per/vCPU/month Virtual per/Core/month Physical)

Rack Space
(applies to Physical only)
FY17: $15.73 /per U/month

WAN Charges
(includes Security)
FY17: $63.46/connection/month

DTS Consulting Charge via SBA
(as requested)
FY17: $78.43/hour

Database Hosting Consulting
FY17: $78.43/hour

Each Additional CPU
(VM only)
FY17: SBA ($81.06 per vCPU/month)

Backup and Restore Services
FY17: $0.1360 / GB / month

SAN Storage
FY17: $0.1829 / GB / month

Low Cost Storage (NAS)
FY17: $0.0949 / GB / month

Encrypted SAN storage
FY17: $0.2791 / GB / Month

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Application Hosting on DTS Provided Equipment

Application Hosting on DTS Provided Equipment (Non-Executive Branch)

Application Hosting on DTS Provided Equipment is available for non-executive branch agencies with applications requiring the dedicated use of an operating system or resources beyond that which are available in a shared hosting environment. The options available for a Hosting server are: 1) a virtual server or 2) a physical server. While the basic charge is the same, please carefully note below the differences in capacities, options, and add-on services.

Product Features and Descriptions

Disk Space

Disk space:

Is available using the Storage Services Product and is billed monthly for allocated GB. See appropriate product descriptions for Storage Services.

Server Resources

Virtual Server:

A Server can be configured to meet the needs of the application(s) to be installed. Working with a System Administrator prior to ordering, will help determine the resources needed.

Physical server:

This option requires a 36 month commitment. Hardware with a procurement cost exceeding $6,000 will require a Special Billing Agreement (SBA) to cover the additional expense. Physical servers generally have more operating costs, see rates.

Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and Authorization support is handled by the Enterprise SSO implementation. The application owner is responsible for granting and maintaining access to authorized users. There will be an additional cost for consuming this product.

Secure Site Access

Samba is used to access your home and log directories for Apache and Tomcat.

UpTime Monitoring

Server uptime monitoring is enabled on all servers. Application monitoring is available upon request so long as there is a canary page like service to monitor.


CGI and PERL are enabled by default and your scripts can be placed in the CGI-bin folder. CRON scripting is also supported. Submit requests via the Service Desk.

24/7 Environment Support

Systems are monitored and supported 24×7. Problems can be reported by contacting the Service Desk. Application support is a customer responsibility.


A hardware firewall is installed between the State intranet and the Internet.

DNS Services

DNS services are provided by DTS at


The customer is responsible for securing backup services for the server and corresponding data. See ‘Backup and Restore Services’ below.

Environment Patching

Patches can be installed by DET at the customer’s request, but is not provided as a part of this product. This service is part of the ‘Server Administration’ product (see below),

Configuration Changes

Configuration changes or modifications to standard deployments (Tomcat, PHP, Apache, etc.) must be requested on the deployment request.

Assistance and Troubleshooting

Assistance for non-standard deployments and application troubleshooting is available at the DTS Consulting Charge rate. Database consulting is available at the Database Hosting Consulting rate.

Application Updates

Customers must follow the standard deployment request process for deployment of application updates, whether introducing a new version or fixing a bug.

Features Not Included

Server Administration

Server Administration is required but is not included in the pricing for this product. See the “Server Administration” product description and order form for additional information and to order the service.

Application Support

Application troubleshooting and support is not part of this product.

Server Software

The cost for licensing software (including the operating system) as well as software support is not included in the rate for this product.

Backup and Restore Services

DET owns and maintains a backup and restore environment in the Salt Lake City and Richfield data centers. After the initial full backup, incremental backups are performed nightly. See the product description relating to this service for additional information.

Wide Area Network Connectivity Charges

Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity is not included in this product when individual servers are used (blade or rack-mounted). Virtual machines do not require an additional WAN connection and thus do not incur the charge.

Ordering and Provisioning

An order form is available at: Request a Server. Fill out the order form and then click submit.   If you would like assistance, please contact the DTS Service Desk or call them at 800-678-3440 and submit a service request.

To stop service (Decommission) once the service is operational, enter the request using the Remove Server from Service form. After a 15 day waiting period when the service has been disabled, the service will be stopped along with the billing. The waiting period is to ensure no users are dependent upon the service.

DTS/DET Responsibilities

  • Provide the secure physical facility and all environmental controls for the server.
  • Monitor and maintain the integrity of the network.
  • Install and maintain the server hardware and operating system.
  • Perform deployments to Production and Test environments
  • Coordinate scheduled downtime with customers.

Agency Responsibilities

  • Agency personnel are responsible for all software licensing and support costs even though DET will install and provide local support as mentioned under DTS Responsibilities.
  • Develop and maintain the customer’s database schema and the integrity of the data.
  • Develop and maintain all application software running in customer’s server instance.
  • Follow the standards and procedures required by DET to ensure a secure and stable operating environment for all users on the server.
  • Provide customer support services to the end-users of the application.
  • Pay for any software licensing or support costs required to provide the services for the application(s).