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State Geographic Information Datasource


The Utah Geospatial Resource Center (UGRC) manages the Utah State Geographic Information Datasource (SGID) as a service to users of spatial geographic data. These users include both public and private organizations as well as individuals.

Product Features and Descriptions

SGID Data Content

The state repository of geographic spatial data, including vector and raster data. This data can be statewide or regional. It covers all facets of geographic information. See

Features Not Included

GIS Software

The SGID does not include the software which is needed to view the spatial data. The SGID is not a formal map, but a set of data that can be view within Geographic Information System software or web applications.

DTS Responsibilities

UGRC’s primary objective of the SGID is to make this spatial data and information available to its users. In doing so, the UGRC is in no way condoning or endorsing the application of these data for any given purpose nor providing warranty for the data content.

Agency Responsibilities

It is the sole responsibility of the agency or user to determine whether or not the data are suitable for the intended purpose. It is also the obligation of the agency or user to apply those data in an appropriate and conscientious manner. The agency or user should expect the UGRC to provide no warranty, nor to accept any liability, occurring from any incorrect, incomplete, or misleading data, or from any incorrect, incomplete, or misleading use of the these data. Further requirements can be found in Utah Code Title 63F Chapter 1

Post Updated: May 2, 2022
Posted On: January 13, 2016