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Technology Acquisition Approval Process

NOTE: You do not need to complete this process if the product/software is on the Pre-approved Common Solutions list. Please use the “How to Procure” for that item to purchase.

Why is there a need for the Technology Acquisition Approval Process

As part of Utah Code 63A-16-204, Approval of information technology acquisitions, the CIO needs to approve all technology used in the state. The Technology Acquisition Approval (TAA) form was created for that requirement. It helps DTS and State Purchasing plan and assist with finding a solution if needed. Once a solution is found, the “Chosen Solution Approval Form” (Business Case) is completed by IT and submitted to the Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, and the Agency Executive Director for Approval. This form will help streamline acquiring new technology by providing a clear and organized method for evaluating and selecting new technology solutions.


  1. Is the solution already approved? See Purchasing Buy IT Catalog & Pre-Approved Software List
  2. The Agency enters in a TAA after a discussion with the POD
  3. Phase I Approvals
    1. Chief Enterprise Architect
    2. IT Director 
  4. Phase I CIO Office Approval
  5. Determine the way to find or procure a solution with assistance from the POD
  6. Once the solution is found, the IT point of contact completes the Chosen Solution Task assigned to them.
  7. DTS Agency Security is assigned a task to review the solution. 
    1. DTS Agency Security should have been involved from step two, which helped speed this process.
  8. ARB receives an approved task
    1. ARB should be informed as early as possible to help speed up this process.
  9. Phase II Approvals
    1. CIO or designee
    2. Exec. Director of Agency or designee 
    3. CISO
  10. Procure Solution

High-Level Process Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of purchases require a TAA form?
    • Not needed for the following:
      • The solution has already been purchased on a DTS or State Wide Cooperative Contract.
      • Anything on the Pre-approved Solutions
      • Contracts that are held by DTS but terms are not being modified.
  • What types of purchases require a TAA form?
    • Anything that is not on any of the pre-approved lists.
  • What if there is an existing contract- is a TAA form required?
    • It depends – if the existing contract is a DTS contract and the Agency wants to own, amend, or change it, then a TAA should be completed.
  • Is a TAA form needed when an item is on the list of approved purchases?
    • No – as long as it is approved for all agencies or their specific Agency.
  • If I want to buy small software purchased with P-card- do I just do it if it’s on the approved list?
    • Yes. If you are authorized to use the P-card.
  • What documentation do we have to show for State Finance Post audits?
    • The RITM would have the TAA submission and the Chosen Solution Approval.
  • Who is my Pod leader to ask questions to?
  • Where can I find the products and services exceptions list?
Post Updated: September 20, 2023
Posted On: March 11, 2016