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Application Development

User Experience Design and Development


User Experience Design and Development is a full­service, rich media product offering. It includes the design and construction of custom websites.

We also offer website integration of other dynamic features such as RSS Feeds, surveys, and forms.

Our user-experience designers work closely with application developers to provide complete, friendly, intuitive user interfaces for client and web-­based applications.

Web content management is also offered to organizations that want complete turn­key website support and maintenance.

Product Features and Descriptions

Website Design Construction

We can update your current website with a new custom design, or design a brand new website for you.

We use responsive design features so your users can use your website efficiently with mobile devices.

We build accessibility features into our designs so users of all abilities can use your website.

Designs can include complete artwork with a color palette you approve, and a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) driven layout.

The website design process is accomplished through quick repetitive “design and approve” cycles that include:

  • Site Evaluation
  • User-­centric design
  • Quick design prototyping
  • Dynamic elements using PHP, XML, and JavaScript

Intranet / Extranet Development

We can implement a custom Intranet solution that uses common credentials to provide reliable and secure role-­based access to websites, applications, and documents.

An Intranet can be deployed with encryption technology to ensure data security. By using SSL technology and providing multiple levels of access, you can be confident your sensitive data is safe.

Content Management

We can provide complete turn­key support and assist organizations in managing content for their websites. We can work with subject matter experts in an organization and provide content composition and updates.

Ordering and Provisioning

Contact the DTS User Interface/User Experience/Website Development Team at

Our team begins by conducting a requirements definition process. We then produce a formal Project Plan which includes an itemized breakdown of the desired features and functionality, along with development cost estimates. The Project Plan is then used by DTS and the customer to negotiate the final price and time table for the project. If you prefer, we can also develop a Statement of Work and bill the customer on a time and materials basis.

DTS Responsibilities

DTS will assist customers in capturing their requirements in the form of a Project Plan or Statement of Work document. This is done at a cost to the customer. Once approved, DTS is accountable for the delivery of the features and functionality described within the agreed time and for the agreed cost. All development services (As described above) fall under the Application Maintenance rate.

Agency Responsibilities

Agencies will supply the agreed information and resources for participation in the project and may also participate in testing, as agreed. Agencies will provide a valid ELCID for billing.

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Posted On: February 4, 2016

Application Services


This product encompasses three services: Application Development, Basic Application Support, and Dedicated Application Support.

Application Development

This service includes the full range of application development activities including:

  • Application design
  • Application programming
  • Database design
  • Internal design
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Data conversions
  • Data receiving and transmissions
  • Batch job scheduling
  • Unit testing

We build applications that are web ­based or stand­alone. Our designs can use a variety of technologies, including Java, .NET, PHP, and others. We use the best technologies for your purpose.

Customers can use our services in a variety of ways. Some examples are:

  • End-­to-­end product development
  • Co­-development
  • Mentoring for specific technologies
  • Data modeling and design
  • Specialized component construction for large applications

Features and Descriptions

Web Application Development

We have considerable expertise in creating web ­based software that is compliant with State Standards for both intranet and public­ facing solutions. Our designs integrate authentication and authorization, and meet business requirements.

Java Development

Java and industry ­accepted open source products are the primary tools we use to develop applications. Examples of our tools are Spring, MyBatis, Hibernate, JSP, JavaScript, and Jasper Reports. If you have an established development shop, we will work with your standards and tools to conform to your current technical direction.

.NET Development

We can provide development resources for your .NET projects. We use best ­practice and Microsoft standards. We put those together with your specific development standards, and you get high­ quality solutions.

PHP Development

We provide PHP development services that include the use of MVC frameworks. We’ll help you use PHP for small to medium ­sized application development, or as a supplement to websites or other applications.

Responsive Design

We design and build web pages that detect users screen size and orientation then change their layout accordingly; whether that be full screen, laptop, tablet or phone. 

ADA Compliant

ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant applications is something we take very seriously.  We use best practice designs that enable your application to be use by everyone whether they have a disability or not.

Application Support after Deployment

Once an application is developed and deployed, let us help with ongoing support and create an ongoing and separate maintenance agreement.

DTS Responsibilities

DTS will assist customers in capturing requirements in the form of a Project Proposal or Statement of Work. Once work is approved, DTS is accountable for the delivery of the features and functionality described by the document within the agreed timeframe and for the agreed cost. If the customer requirements change, and scope, timeline or cost is affected, DTS will prepare a Change Request and present it to the customer for approval.

Agency Responsibilities

The customer will supply the necessary information and resources for project definition and also participate in testing and approval as agreed upon in the Project Proposal or Statement of Work.

Features Not Included

Project Management

The Project Management Office (PMO) provides Project Management services as outlined in their product offering. We require a project manager either from the PMO or the customer, unless it is a small project. (Less than 100 hours.)

User Documentation

This can be included if requested by the customer, but it is not routinely provided.

User training and training materials

This can be included if requested by the customer, but it is not routinely provided.

Ordering and Provisioning

An organization may engage Application Development for service by contacting:

  • Your IT Director

Our team will help clarify the request and engage other resources as necessary (Business Analysts, Project Managers, Systems Engineers, etc.). We provide written project proposals and cost estimates. We can also develop a Statement of Work and serve a customer on a time ­and materials basis.

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