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Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

DTS POLICY 1000-0003

Document History

Last Revised: January 1, 2013
Next Review: February 2025
Reviewed Date: February 2024
Reviewed By: Phil Bates, DTS CISO
Authority: Utah Administrative Code, R895-7. Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources; Utah Administrative Code, R477-11. Discipline. DTS Policy 5000-0002 Enterprise Security Policy.

Document Information

Effective Date: July 1, 2006
Submitted By: Ken Elliott
Approved By: Michael Hussey
Section/Group: Administration

1.0 Purpose

This policy defines the use of State-owned information technology (IT) resources.

1.1 Background

Information technology resources are provided to assist in the efficient day-to-day operations of State agencies. DTS provides information technology resources such as computers, email, electronic voice and video communications, the Internet and other technologies to DTS employees so they can support State agencies in achieving their mission and goals, and to improve State government in general.

1.2 Scope

This policy applies to all employees within the Division of Technology Services (DTS).

1.3 Exceptions


2.0 Policy

DTS employees shall regularly review, be familiar with, and follow the requirements of Utah Administrative Code, R895-7 – Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources and DTS Policy 5000-0002 Enterprise Security Policy. An employee who violates the provisions of R895-7 or DTS Policy 5000-0002 may be disciplined pursuant to Utah Administrative Code, R477-11 and DTS Human Resource guidelines.

2.1 Guidelines

DTS managers should make certain that:

  • DTS employees understand that providing IT resources to an employee does not imply an expectation of privacy.
  • DTS employees understand that when a DTS employee has violated R895-7 or DTS Policy 5000-0002, disciplinary actions may be imposed in accordance with the provisions of DHRM Rule R477-11.

2.2 Google Pictures

It is strongly recommended that DTS employees display an appropriate, professional photo of themselves in the Google application at all times.

3.0 Related Documents

Utah Administrative Code, R895-7
Utah Administrative Code, R477-11
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